Master Spas: Molding the Industry

Master Spas enters the rotomold segment with its Getaway Hot Tub series

Until recently, when you thought of rotomold hot tubs, the list of available models did not include anything from Master Spas. The company was on the outside of this segment of the industry until January 2017, with the introduction of its first rotomold hot tub line, the Getaway Series.

Kevin Richards, vice-president of sales and marketing for Master Spas, says three major factors played a role in this brand expansion, starting with an increased number of buyers looking to purchase their first hot tub in a lower price point. “A segment of our dealer base was already selling other brands of rotomolded spas or similarly priced products, so we had immediate, built-in business we could count on,” Richards says. “And it was an opportunity to continually grow our brand into different categories [of the industry], similar to what we did years ago with the swim spas.”

During the development process for the Getaway line, the company worked closely with its dealers to

determine sizes and features. This resulted in five Getaway models ($3,495 to $5,995) with four fitting a plug-n-play platform at a 110v outlet requirement.

Jarrett Dahlberg, general manager for Phoenix Hot Tubs, says many companies tout plug-n-play for their hot tubs but still require the buyer to make electrical adjustments. “[The Getaway hot tubs] are true plug-n-play, plugging into an outlet just like a hair dryer,” he says.

The fifth Getaway model — the Bar Harbor LE — seats five adults and is over seven feet wide, with dual pumps and a water feature. That model is a 240v and serves as a bridge to our acrylic line of hot tubs, Richards says.

Kevin Greenwell, owner of Hot Tubs, Inc. in Owings, Maryland, markets the Bar Harbor for weekend homes or rental properties. “It’s bullet proof as far as operation goes — it’s extremely simple and a guest can’t really mess it up,” Greenwell says, “You can’t hurt it or worry about it cracking.”

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Richards says Master Spas is pleased with the Getaway line’s sales so far, and says dealers are happy, too. “For those who were selling similarly priced products before, they’ve been able to sell more and make more profits with the Getaway hot tubs,” he says. “For those dealers that hadn’t sold rotomolds before, they have been able to add a whole new customer base and see an increase in their sales and profits.”

An exclusive Master Spas dealer, Hot Tubs, Inc., had never offered anything in the $3,500 to $5,550 until the Getaway. Last year, he and his staff sold more than 50 Getaway models. “I look at it as 50 additional sales we would not have had in the past,” he says. “We grew significantly. We’ve seen growth every year, but adding 50 hot tubs — that’s a big number.”

Dahlberg also appreciates the built-in pillows, available in all the Getaway models except for the Ocho series. “I’ve seen a ton of rotomolds that don’t have pillows — your head is just sitting back against the shell,” he says. “Having pillows mixed into the rotomold jazzes it up.”

Greenwell says most rotomolds are a solid color inside and outside. Master Spas, however, gave the Getaway line a lip and skirt like an acrylic hot tub.

“They really worked hard on the finish,” Greenwell says. “Master Spas definitely set the bar high.”