PDC Spas Crests a New Peak

Exploring the new PDC Summit series swim spas

With the recent launch of its Summit series of swim spas, PDC Spas focused on creating an optimized user experience, whether for swim or relaxation.

“We felt there was a consumer need for a product that offered a powerful, effective fitness experience along with the optimum of hydrotherapy that other models and brands did not feature,” says Jaime Smith, sales and marketing specialist for PDC Spas in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

PDC had another significant goal with the PDC line: A competitive price point for buyers “who wanted more than a swim spa for family fun, and for those athletes desiring the performance of a propulsion unit,” Smith says.

Beginning in early 2018, PDC Spas’ research and development team were met with the expected ups and downs of the design process.

“Fitness jets, jet pump performance and control center function were of prime importance in designing this product,” Smith says. “From positioning of fitness jets for the optimum aquatic workout in a wide, evenly powered fitness lane, to mold design for water flow and safety, the development involved considerable time to achieve a balance of optimum performance.”

The actual launch of the PDC Summit Series came in January 2020, just before the chaos of COVID. While there are glitches in even the best-laid plans, Smith says the Summit Series launch endured pandemic-related delays and unprecedented ups and downs in the industry. PDC Spas is doing its best to meet demand despite delays, she says, adding that lead times are considerable throughout the industry. PDC Spas, however, has not eliminated features or limited orders on this or any other product in its lineup.

Andrea Clayton, sales manager of pool and spas at Debnar’s Pool, Spa, Lawn & Garden in Blairsville, Pennsylvania, says the Summit Series is making a positive impression on customers. Debnar’s has had a long relationship with PDC Spas, selling both hot tubs and swim spas from the company. Debnar’s has been offering the Summit Series since its launch, and Clayton says customers are pleased with the variety of options.

The six Summit models range from 15 to 19 feet long. Depending on the model, customers can also get up to 30 horsepower in four pumps, and 49 hydrotherapy jets with ozone and UV-C water treatment. A touch-screen control center for advanced programming comes standard, as does AquaForce, a PDC exclusive workout system that offers upper body strength building. 

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There are two dual-zone models available, one of which offers a single therapy seat with wall-hugging interior steps for a maximum fitness length. Optional features on the Summit line include MatTrax, MotionMat and Eclipse LED lighting. All models in the series also come with a 35-year warranty.

The Summit Series also includes a third Elite Pro resistance jet as a standard feature on all models. By comparison, other PDC swim spa models that feature the Elite Pro jets include either one or two, depending on the model. The addition of the third Elite Pro jet is intended to create a more fluid, stable exercise channel for an effective workout.

“The customers love that there are more workout options with the third Elite Pro Jet and more horsepower,” says Clayton, adding that the Summit series gives customers variety to find the swim spa that best fits their needs. “Swim spas are a large purchase, and it’s nice that PDC Spas has three different swim spa series for customers to choose from,” she says.

At Debnar’s, Clayton says the Summit series has shaken up the swim spa side of the business. Since the series launched, 75% of Debnar’s swim spa sales are now from the Summit series. “Everyone’s needs are different,” says Clayton, “and the Summit Series is that middle line that offers therapy, swim and workout options.”


  • 180” x 92” x 56”
  • Max capacity: One seated, one exercising
  • Two massage seats
  • Four pumps
  • Full-body massage columns
  • Sculpted massage seat


  • 204” x 92” x 56”
  • Max capacity: Two seated, one exercising
  • Two massage seats
  • Four pumps    
  • Two RX6 standing massage columns
  • Sculpted seats including jetting for shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, calves and feet


  • 227” x 92” x 56”
  • Max capacity: Five seated, one exercising
  • Five massage seats
  • Four pumps
  • Separate hot tub with four therapy seats
  • Separate heating and filtration for each side