Solenis: For the Modern Age

Solenis combines BAQUASpa and Brilliance to create streamlined spa care line

Inspired by the desire to alter the experience of spa owners — making it less of a chore and more about escaping into relaxation and focusing on wellness — Solenis, which recently merged with Sigura Water, leveraged consumer feedback and data from the best-selling products in its previous BAQUASpa and Brillance spa care brands (now discontinued), and created a new product line dubbed Sirona Spa Care.

The line, which launched in the fourth quarter of 2021 and hit shelves in January, is simplified spa care that enables spa owners to spend less time maintaining their spa water. The company has also streamlined its product use instructions to further enhance the spa experience.

Paul Gillio, tech services manager at Solenis, emphasizes that simplifying does not mean the spa owner lacks choice in how they wish to treat their spa. “Sirona Spa Care is a complete line of [what we consider to be] the best spa chemistries available in the market,” he says.

One store that plans to carry the Sirona Spa Care line is Luxury Pool and Spa, a family-owned business with locations in Russellville and Conway, Arkansas.

“Luxury Pool and Spa is very excited to bring on the Sirona line this winter,” says general manager Andrea Lawson. “We are looking forward to giving our shelves a makeover with the elegant packaging that is very appealing to the consumers’ eyes. We want to offer the highest quality products in the industry while giving our store a luxurious feel. The Sirona Spa Care line encapsulates both.”

The line has several sanitizer options for spas, including chlorinating granules and bromine tabs, as well as four other options.

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Brominating Granular is a one-step sanitizer and shock product that dissolves quickly. Spa Minerals is a cartridge that contains silver chloride, works with low levels of chlorine or bromine and lasts four months. Sirona Enhance and Activate is a two-part system that provides a simple way to sanitize with the line’s Enhance Bromide Salt Solution, which is added weekly and then converted into active bromine when the Activate Granular is added.

The final sanitizer product is Sirona Simply Sanitizer. This chlorine-free, bromine-free liquid sanitizer works with Sirona Simply Oxidizer and Waterline Control — a three-step, weekly system like the company’s BAQUASpa, a biguanide-based system that was successful in the market for years.

Additionally, Sirona Spa Care offers a complete line of water balancers, including pH, alkalinity and calcium adjusters. Calcium Booster, a liquid water balancer, and pH Balance +, which adjusts and locks in the proper pH level and lasts from refill to refill, are also available.

Gillio adds that the Sirona Spa Care line is based on lifestyle and emotions. As a result, the brand has the look and feel of a personal care product.

“The goal was to get away from having spa products that make you feel like you need to be a chemist to get enjoyment from your spa,” he says.

Sirona’s full range of specialty products can prevent and solve any spa issue, Gillio says. The full product line includes metal control products, clarifiers, defoamers, enzymes, filter cleaners, cover and surface care, as well as test strips for chlorine, bromine and biguanide. “By using these products, Sirona Spa Care consumers will benefit by having some of the best technologies and products available in the market,” Gillio says. “They will have several sanitizer choices, based upon each spa owner’s personal preference and lifestyle. The products are simple to use, easy to understand and provide a hassle-free, relaxing spa experience, whether they are new spa owners or have been soaking in therapeutic water for years.”