Jenni LaFleur
Jenni LaFleur
Photography: Raven Peterson, A Thousand Words Photography

Power Women: Jenni LaFleur

Jenni LaFleur
Sales manager, Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Though Jenni LaFleur entered the industry through a temporary position in 2009, with a background as a medical assistant, she swiftly adapted to the retail and service sectors, starting as a receptionist and moving into a service assistant role before transitioning to spa sales and marketing. 

Jenni’s advice for women in the industry: “Be prepared. Be confident in your knowledge. Admit what you don’t know, [but show] that you can find the answer. Learn as much as possible — use your resources, then go to your team for support and that extra depth of knowledge.”

Jenni LaFleur

“You [can] apply so much of your talents toward different aspects of the job,” she says. 

As the current sales manager, LaFleur lets her talents shine. Beyond spa sales, she also manages repair service and construction sales along with the company’s two retail stores. Additionally, she manages marketing and works on custom tiled spas — areas she calls the “fun part” of her job.

“I get really creative working with our clients and [with] the design part of it,” she says.

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LaFleur also enjoys managing the teams at Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes — now an employee-owned company, a transition she finds rewarding. 

“It’s starting to hit people, ‘I have a strong role in this,’ ” she says. “Every year, we get our statements so we can see how much our shares are worth and how many shares we have. [Our employees appreciate] that their hard work is being rewarded back to them.”

LaFleur calls the leadership team at the company a “tight-knit group.” 

“We all have strengths that we lean on or feed off of and build each other up on,” she says. “Also, with our employees, [we show] we care about them.” 

In a company of nearly 50 people, the five women at Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes form a supportive network. They meet once a month to give presentations, share knowledge and grow together. LaFleur hopes to see more women entering the industry and making big contributions.

“Women have a unique perspective — a level of detail, customer service, staying organized, communicating effectively — that lends so strongly to our industry,” she says. “Women can balance so many things.”