Power Women: Tracy Hall

Vice president of global swim spa sales, Jacuzzi Brands

Tracy Hall’s sales career began in the publishing industry, but a ski accident and back surgery altered her course. Not only was she prescribed hot water therapy for her back, but while recuperating she also helped a friend sell hot tubs at a few events in 1995. The industry drew her in.

In the ’90s many pool and hot tub retailers on the East Coast had closed for the winter, she says, not realizing there was money to be made. After working a few events, Hall pursued the hot water industry and searched for a Canadian manufacturer looking to expand into the United States. Hall lived in Canada, but wanted to work in the U.S., so to legally do so she needed to be hired by a Canadian company. When she found Hydropool, they were looking for someone to represent them in the USA. “It was fate,” she says.

Joined Hydropool in 1995

Hall started that November and attended the Atlantic City NESPA show in January 1996. “We got a ton of leads and on my drive back to Canada, I stopped at all of the ‘hot’ leads and signed them on my way home,” she recalls. “That was the start.” As an independent rep she grew Hydropool’s U.S. sales from $0 to $5 million in just five years.

Once the company gained traction, Hall became director of U.S. sales. In 2007, she became director of the company’s Canadian market. When the recession hit the following year, she took over both markets, serving for 11 years as vice president of North American sales. In 2019, Hall was promoted to vice president of global swim spa sales, in charge of growing world-wide sales for all of the swim spas’ Hydropool manufacturers: Hydropool Self Cleaning Swim Spas, SwimLife Swim Spas and Jacuzzi Swim Spas.

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Hall says she’s held her own in what she calls “a male-dominated industry.” The company’s salesforce is mostly men she admires, but she remembers a couple times when new hires expressed reservations about traveling to client visits with her.

“But that was usually nipped in the bud when, on our first acquisition trip, we would acquire new business,” she says.

Hall often sought to hire female territory managers but says most women don’t want to commit the overnight stays and weekends the job requires. She does, however, see the number of women in high-level positions in the hot tub industry increasing and daughters taking over. Women have a different way of looking at business, Hall says, value a work/life balance, are strong communicators, can wear many hats and are great at leading by example.

“I am extremely happy to be a role model for women looking to get into the industry or to rise through the ranks,” Hall says. “I would be honored to help mentor any woman that would like to rise to the occasion.”

Tracy Hall with her sales team