Finnleo TyloHelo Sauna
A Finnleo custom-cut sauna installed in Denver by Spa Brokers.

Saunas: A Closer Look at TyloHelo

Four brands address indoor and outdoor sauna and steam needs

TyloHelo is a Nordic sauna company with an extensive product portfolio and rich history. Helo was founded over 100 years ago in 1919 and Tylo in 1949. The two companies merged in 2017, becoming TyloHelo, which has positioned itself as a global wellness company, comprising five sauna brands: Tylo, Helo, Kastor, Amerec and Finnleo.

Indoor and outdoor sauna rooms — custom, permanently installed saunas or custom modular and plug-and-play portable saunas — are TyloHelo’s core business, says company president Keith Raisanen. Finnleo, he adds, has been a dominant sauna brand in the industry for 36 years.

All TyloHelo saunas are available in traditional Finnish-style or infrared. Raisanen says technology for the infrared saunas has been an area of emphasis, resulting in recent improvements.

“In addition to new sauna room designs, the most significant developments have been with heaters and controls,” Raisanen says, adding that the industry has responded positively to the company’s Himalaya Rock Tower heater with integral BWT water tank, and the SaunaLogic 2 control with worldwide mobile app functionality.

Finnleo custom-cut sauna installed in Minneapolis by FinnSisu of St. Paul, Minnesota, with Himalaya rock tower heater in a center-sauna installation.

The company’s newest control, introduced in January of this year, is the InfraLogic2 with a mobile app. The control is now included with all infrared saunas.

“We continue to further develop our proprietary low EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and low EF (electrical fields) infrared sauna technology — with our sixth and newest patent being granted a few months ago,” Raisanen says. “Our patented technology is focused on providing the best and safest infrared heating technology in the world — with the lowest possible electromagnetic radiation.”

Saunas sold under the TyloHelo umbrella can be found all over the United States. In markets where there are open dealer opportunities, Raisanen says a dealer must have a physical brick-and-mortar retail facility with a showroom to partner with the company.

Raisanen says the dealer must commit to a full sauna display; commit to its in-store and online training program; and commit to marketing its sauna products in their designated market, including websites, social media, building signage and use of company-provided in-store merchandising. Don Chandler, president of Spa Brokers, Inc. in Aurora, Colorado, is the exclusive Finnleo dealer for the Denver area. Chandler says the sales and product training is easy and fun to attend, and the sales and support resources TyloHelo provides are top-notch. He has been a Finnleo dealer since 1987.

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“I enjoyed getting to know the Finnleo rep and learning about Finnleo’s history,” Chandler says of when he signed up as a dealer. “They are down-to-earth, hard-working people who care about taking care of their customers. They follow the Golden Rule: Treat other people the way you want to be treated.”

Chandler’s Finnleo representative returned to assist in building the display saunas and providing additional training. Chandler also says the technical support staff and service department are knowledgeable and experienced.

“Their products in design and function are state of the art,” Chandler says. “Their products are reliable and last for decades. You will always be able to find parts for them on the rare occasion you might need one.” In his experience, the most popular offerings are the one to two person units, which he says can be easily assembled and plug into a standard 120v outlet.

Peter Von Hopffgarten of Pool & Spa Depot in Nashville, Tennessee, has been a Finnleo/Tylo/Helo dealer for 25 years. The most popular offerings for him are the 4-by-4-foot Traditional and the 5-by-7-foot units because they are affordable and still provide the steamy sauna experience. The custom cut is also a favorite of homebuilders and do-it-yourselfers, he adds.

“[Becoming a TyloHelo dealer] was an easy choice based on their reputation globally as a leader in sauna and steam with an awesome selection of different styles and price points,” Hopffgarten says. “Offering both infrared and traditional saunas gives us a very complete product line up.”

Left side: SaunaLogic2 control mounted on the wall of a Finnleo sauna. Lower right: Handheld smartphone with SaunaLogic2 app showing on the screen.

Rich Fox, owner of Oasis Hot Tub & Sauna in Nashua, New Hampshire, has been a retail partner of TyloHelo since 1996 and says the plug-and-play portable saunas are the most popular for his company. “These units are designed for consumer assembly and installation and can be used the same day,” Fox says. “Although they are not customizable in size or style, they are full-featured and ready to use right out of the box.”

Fox notes there is strong competition from the internet, but to make an informed purchase, consumers should consider a warranty and continued support when shopping for a sauna. “TyloHelo offers complete support to their dealers so that the customer can have the best sauna experience,” Fox says.

Both Fox and Hopffgarten recommend that sales staff experience the saunas themselves so they can personally describe the health benefits. Fox adds that he believes TyloHelo has the strongest presence in the sauna industry not just in the U.S. market but also internationally. “They simply do it all from indoor to outdoor, customer built to consumer assembly and traditional to infrared saunas,” he says. “They also have a complete line of heaters and controls along with sauna accessories. As far as a sauna company goes, there is nothing they cannot provide for the consumer or builder.”