The Dealer Automated Reviews System

Regardless of how you many reviews you’re getting now, I’m sure you have more satisfied customers who have only thought about giving you a review. The secret is to find the best way to ask, and to make it easy for them to leave a positive review.

Asking for a review is one thing. Having an effective follow-up program and ongoing review marketing-system in place is quite another. This unfortunately is where many dealers fall short.

You probably sell great products and provide quality customer service. No doubt you have a great reputation, and your customers love you. If that’s the case, why aren’t you getting more reviews? There are two main reasons: You either don’t like asking for reviews or don’t know how to ask. And when someone from your team does ask for a review, it’s usually a half-hearted attempt.

Traditional Ways of Generating Online Reviews are Ineffective
The traditional way dealers ask customers to leave a review is just by adding a “Review Us” button somewhere on their website. Although this is better than nothing, it is a passive method — and the results are usually meager. That’s what led to the creation of the Dealer Automated Reviews System.

What Does the System Do?
The System collects reviews from important review sites like Yelp, Google Plus and Facebook and prominently displays them all on your website. Then it continues to check these sites daily and imports new reviews. Now prospects and customers can see all your reviews from multiple sites in one place — a huge time saver.

The system makes getting more reviews easier by offering two ways of asking for reviews. The first is the review survey form that can be filled out right on your website. Customers simply type in their information, select a star rating and press enter. No more long and confusing instructions.

The second is the built-in automated email system where you add your customer’s name and email, then send a personalized review request. Want to grow your reviews even faster? Upload emails in bulk and send personalized review requests to everyone on the list.

Thank-You Page for Positive Feedback
After filling out the review form, happy four- and five-star customers are sent to a special thank-you page, where a compelling video plays thanking customers for their feedback. The video then encourages your customers to cut and paste their feedback and leave it on their favorite review site, which are all listed right below the video. You decide which review sites to showcase.

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AFTER Negative Feedback, Thank-You Page Asks for More Details
Customers who provide less than a four-star rating are directed to a private survey page where they can send details about their experience. Their input is instantly sent to you via a private email, which lets you address the issue quickly and improve your overall customer service. Their negative feedback is not made public until you decide to do so…if ever.

Online Dashboard Helps You Monitor, Manage and Customize the System
You have access to a password protected back-end dashboard where you can monitor and track online review sites, and manage website feedback listings. All this important information gets updated daily.

Want to change the star-rating parameters for which reviews get posted and which ones don’t? You can do it here. View stats, create reports and upload emails in bulk to send personalized review requests to everyone on the list. This is great for building your review count fast. Send promotions, update positive and negative follow-up emails, create customer service surveys and much more.

For any review system to be effective, it must:

  • Be quick to start, easy to implement and simple to manage
  • Leverage your other sales and marketing efforts, and produce
    consistent results
  • Continue to generate reviews for long periods

Once the system is set up, dealers can take a more proactive approach or let it run on autopilot. Either way, your business will have implemented a new system that few, if any, of your competitors have.