The HR Tool You’ve Been Missing

Attracting potential employees with recruitment videos

People are watching more video online than ever before, according to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2022 report. It’s data found that 93% of marketers say video has helped them increase brand awareness, and 96% of people have watched a video to learn more about a product or service. Video has become a go-to for both brands and consumers, and the same can apply to employers looking to hire. In a season when increased product demand fuels the need for more employees, hot tub dealers can add video marketing to their hiring strategy. 

Jessica Miller-Merrell, founder of Workology, a workplace human resources consulting firm and host of the Workology podcast, says innovative companies have been using video for their employer branding for years. “It’s a great add to your career site and highly effective in highlighting your employer brand,” Miller-Merrell explains. “They don’t have to be big budget productions; some of the best employer-branding videos are straightforward and simple, with a hiring manager talking about what success looks like in a specific position, for example.”

As an author and consultant focused on human resources and talent acquisition, Miller-Merrell recommends hot tub dealers think of videos like a visual job ad. She advises talking about company culture but also adding other elements like a short tour of the workspace, and a narrative that focuses on what you’re looking for and what the role offers.

“Live video on Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok can help you not only connect with potential candidates in real time, but it also feels personal and can reach candidates who aren’t even in the market for a new job, or weren’t before they saw a video about your company,” Miller-Merrell adds.

Screenshot from New England Spas’ recruitment video.

She also suggests showing candidates what a few minutes on the job would be like, introducing real co-workers, or hosting a Q&A about a job opening.

Ginny Nolan, brand manager for New England Spas in Massachusetts, says HR videos have been a great tool to highlight the company’s culture and believes it makes the company stand out from other employers. “We have been trying just about everything to attract talented individuals to New England Spas,” Nolan says. “Given how much competition there is in hiring right now, we wanted to be able to really differentiate ourselves.”

Nolan says she heard about the success another dealer had with recruitment videos and decided to make one.

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“Our process centered around our team,” Nolan says. “We knew the most effective way to showcase why our employees love to work at New England Spas is to hear it directly from them. We have a wonderful, enthusiastic team, and a few members from each department were willing to go on camera. Without having anything rehearsed or scripted, I prompted them with some open-ended questions.”

Nolan filled in the rest of the video with footage of the company’s showrooms, operations center and company events, all voiced over with additional information about the company.

For hot tub dealers who want to add video to their recruitment strategy, Nolan recommends getting their teams involved and interviewing them on camera. “When your employees are the ones telling the story, it gives the audience a genuine feel for the company and shows them what it’s really like to work here,” she says.

New England Spas posts its recruitment video anywhere the company has an online presence, including emails to customers and leads. “Our happy customers and those shopping with us are great resources for networking,” Nolan says. “You never know if they might be looking for an opportunity or who they might share it with. I recommend getting the word out that you’re hiring as much as possible.”

Miller-Merrell says dealers can get creative with short career videos regardless of budget. She encourages creative team members to brainstorm themes or scenarios to showcase their positions, brand and company culture. “Videos are a powerful way to relate and resonate with your candidate in a way the written word does not,” Miller-Merrell says. “Use [HR videos] to tell a story that gives candidates a look into your company and how you work.”

New England Spas created a recruitment video shared anywhere the company has an online presence, including emails to customers and potential leads. The video showcases real employees and footage of the showrooms and day-to-day operations.