Champagne Pools & Spas

Michael Manley, Owner

Q: What are the challenges of building pools and selling spas in Florida?
It’s one of the more competitive markets in the United States and it’s a cutthroat market. All the pool builders are trying to cut their prices to be the lowest. And we don’t do that. We hold and we maintain our prices. We do not try to compete in that arena at all.

Q: Where would you like to see your business grow in the next few years?
I want us to continue to be here in the marketplace and I want other companies to continue to follow us. I want people to see that a business model of maintaining prices that keeps you in business is the correct business model. If we’re here five years from now and everybody is seeing that, that’s a business model that other companies will want to follow. That’s good for everybody – myself, my competitors and ultimately it’s great for the customer because they’re dealing with a builder that’s going to be around to warranty their product. Right now they don’t even know if that builder is going to be around to finish it.