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Episode #44, Coronavirus Fallout and Silver Linings, with Don Riling

Don Riling, owner of Olympic Hot Tub, joins Megan on the podcast to talk about COVID-19 and how it is impacting his Seattle business.

Episode #45, Selling Spas in the Time of COVID — Webinar Recast

A rebroadcast of a free webinar conducted by Clear Comfort and SpaRetailer. Megan is joined by Steve Berens to discuss how to conduct business while also social distancing.

Episode #46, Find and Convert Online Leads

Ben Poggemiller joins Megan on the podcast. He’s is a digital marketer turned hot tub business owner in Manitoba, Canada. He’s used his marketing background to put together a successful system to collect leads and sell spas without ever seeing a customer face-to-face.

Pressing On

A Colorado spa dealer strives to keep employees working and maintain balance amidst difficult decisions

“If you survived the last recession, you undoubtedly learned a ton about strategy, right-sizing and calculated decision making for market share gains versus critical preservation of deep cash reserves — because you’re sure going to need it. Those companies will certainly have an advantage because they’ve been here before.”

Stan Goodreau, owner, Colorado Custom Spas
Stan Goodreau, owner, Colorado Custom Spas

Taking it Day-By-Day

Pennsylvania spa dealer navigates business less than 100 miles from New York

“I know a lot of dealers are making the argument for staying open because we sell chemicals and that’s an essential business. But I closed my storefront as soon as the Pennsylvania governor made the order [March 20].”

Dan Henry, owner, East Coast Spas
Dan Henry, owner, East Coast Spas

Retailer Reactions to COVID-19

New England Spas, Massachusetts

Hot Tub Central, New Jersey

BonaVista LeisureScapes, Toronto

Time Machine Hot Tubs, Texas

Best Hot Tubs, New York

Georgia Spa Company, Georgia

Galaxy Home Recreation, Oklahoma

In Times of Corona

A retailer at the epicenter

“When you’re trying to present to customers I think when you actually believe that it will help them sincerely, and they can see the sincerity, that’s a lot easier. I think making it personal is good for us.”

Nelson Bryant, Seattle Hot Tubs

David Carelton

Pivot or Perish

“Your job is to stop justifying why your sales are flat or down and find a way to get those people to buy from you. Now is NOT the time to give into what I call ‘the down dilemma’ — everyone is down in sales, so I don’t feel so bad that my sales are down too.”

Marketing Assistance

These articles and videos will help you navigate marketing more successfully during these trying times.

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