Episode #53, A Two-Year Building Project, Opening During Covid, with Ronak Shah

(left to right) Neal Patel, COO; Nimisha Patel, CIO; Zena Shah, CFO and HR director; Ronak Shah, president and CEO

Ronak Shah runs Oklahoma-based Galaxy Home Recreation with his sister and extended family. Two years ago they started construction on a new location in Edmond, Oklahoma, an affluent suburb of Oklahoma City. The store was scheduled to open in March 2020, but then COVID hit.

Ronak shares how his father, Mukesh, started Galaxy and its evolution from pool tables, to coin operated machines, to hot tubs and how he and his sister Nimisha took over when Mukesh died unexpectedly. Now, the pair have grown the business even further, with an eye to do more.

Galaxy was honored as one of our Retail Stars in 2020. You can read that article here.

Episode #67, the Acrylic Repair Pros with Multi-Tech The SpaRetailer Podcast

For more than a decade Multi-Tech Products has been supplying acrylic repair materials to the hot tub and bath industries, working behind the scenes with manufacturers and acrylic suppliers. Under new ownership, the company is now stepping out in front of the industry, hoping to streamline the ordering process for retailers and consumers. Meet the new owners and hear about their plans for the future, and what they’ve seen going on in the hot tub industry from their unique vantage […]
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