Eldorado Stone: Customizing the Outdoor Experience

Stone company offers prefab products that retailers can easily integrate into showrooms

By Kyle Scheuring

Eldorado Stone began as a franchise in 1969. It grew fast, at one point owning 25 franchises around the world, each with its own product lines. Now a much larger corporation, Eldorado Stone is a leading stone and brick veneer manufacturer. Although selling other unique products like fire bowls, Eldorado Stone is known for “the world’s most believable architectural stone and brick veneer products,” says Ramsay Hawfield, vice president of marketing and product development. Every piece is cast from natural stone molds, and is only installed around complementary shapes and textures to ensure a beautiful, realistic design.

Along with its stone and bricks, Eldorado also offers prefab outdoor living products like outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits and fire bowls. These collections are made with the same veneer for which the company is known.

With every stone and brick hand-painted, Eldorado Stone proves its commitment to detail. Some brick designs, like its Chalk Dust Tundra Brick, is specifically colored and textured to look aged. Eldorado Stone’s fire bowls undergo a four-step finishing process, developing smooth, clean surfaces with subtle color variations.

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Eldorado Stone’s Artisan Fire Bowl Collection has nine designs. These have a 10-year warranty and their sleek, modern frames give a unique edge. Hawfield suggests the Lyra Artisan Fire Bowl as an example. With “sharp 90-degree inset walls with gently sloped fire feature for a modern and symmetrical focal point,” he says the Lyra Artisan Fire Bowl encompasses the aesthetic of Eldorado Stone’s fine craftsmanship.

“Homeowners and designers are looking for the whole package when it comes to creating an outdoor oasis,” Hawfield says. They want one location where they can find all their outdoor needs. “Hot tub retailers must ensure that when consumers come in looking to create the outdoor space, they can find all aspects for their dream setting in one place.” Customers shopping for spas are most likely in the process of transforming their backyard, making it a perfect opportunity for Eldorado Stone to step in.

Eldorado Stone offers the convenience of predesigned, ready-to-install projects or fully customized designs through its online Outdoor Design Tool program. Before selecting material, customers receive samples and see pictures and reviews of similar projects.
Hawfield says Eldorado Stone has a robust nationwide sales force that supports its dealer network with nationwide advertising and content marketing via email and social media. “We have best-in-class marketing programs,” he adds.

Providing the big picture of an outdoor retreat allows you to sell more products and give the customer their dream backyard. “Gone are the days when a simple concrete slab with a simple [hot tub] impressed the neighbors,” Hawfield says.