Inside Maax Spas’ 880 Hot Tub

Newest model is bigger with more jets

Maax Spas’ recently released its 880 model, described as a new model rather than a redesign. The differences in the 880 can be seen right away, starting with its unique shape and styling.

“The new 880 is deeper, and is also a foot bigger all the way around, measuring 8.5-by-8 feet instead of 7-by-7,” says Robert Lange, marketing manager for the company. “It features high-profile king and queen seating that is a little deeper allowing for full-body immersion, and you’re sitting straighter so it’s better for carrying on conversations.”

It also comes standard with a Zone Therapy seat, allowing for multiple massages, which was designed by a specialist the company flew in to help them.

“He knows all the pressure points on the body, and he developed certain sized jets and placements to be the most functional to hit the pressure points,” Lange says. “On our seats, you don’t have jets going down the center where it hits the spine because that irritates the body. These are designed to hit certain muscle groups and pain trigger points, which are better for you.”

While sitting in the Therapy Seat, users will have access to a foot dome for a foot massage, a feature not available on the 780.

“It’s a multifaceted foot massage dome that lies in the middle of the spa giving access to all six seats,” Lange says. “This has back-of-the-leg jets and also has a giant blower jet in the middle of the foot well, so if you want a really strong foot massage you can get that.”

The tub’s reverse neck jet holds the head in a position that keeps the user’s spine straight and allows for a proper massage along the neck.

Other new features include hip jets, calf jets and wrist jets — all included for the first time on a Maax hot tub. There’s also an illuminated waterfall as well as lower cascade fountain jets.

The 880 has the same filter configuration as the 780 — a 10-micron filter, which goes into a 75-gallon filter with an option for ozone and UV, which is the same type of system used for drinking water in Europe.

Additionally, the 880 boasts a Northern Exposure insulation system, consisting of thermal barrier technology that reflects radiant-heat energy generated from the pumps back into the spa. It consists of a recycled cotton fiber with a copper lining on the inside and wraps all around so wind can’t blow underneath.

The 880 also includes an ice bucket to help keep beverages cold and it still has the touchscreen controls, stereo, speaker, subwoofer and illuminated drink holders from the 780, Lange says. “We’ve designed ergonomic hand controls, however, so if you have arthritis, you can push these with the palm of your hand.”

The R&D process for the 880 started through a company-help product summit, where some Maax Spas team members met with dealers to get feedback on attributes they wanted in future designs.

“We go through every recommendation and figure out what’s viable and what’s not,” Lange says. “We also do a survey for our consumers and cross reference the two. That helps us devise what we will develop in the year ahead or in future years.”

The strategy of Maax Spas, Lange notes, is all about innovation.

“In 2017, we are working on a 16-foot MAAX Force Pro Swim Spa as our next redesign,” he says. “Our focus is on making the best product out there the way we know how, and being innovative at the same time.”

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