Sundance Spas: Meaningful Moments

Sundance redesigns its 880 series with modern and sustainable features

In its first overhaul in more than a decade, Sundance Spas released its redesigned 880 series in February with updates inside and out.

While the company has made small changes to the series over the years, all seven models were fully reimagined this time, according to senior product manager Cody Meador. 

“The project has been a scary one in the sense that the 880 series is really important to Sundance as a brand,” Meador says. “Even though it was one of the best spa series on the market, it still needed [an upgrade] to make it look fresh and bring in some innovations and features to make sure dealers and customers were just as happy as they were if they bought a new one 10 years ago.”

Stronger, sustainable frame

The first major change is not easily noticeable but makes a big difference in the life of the spa. Sundance upgraded the 880 frame from treated timber to rust-resistant, durable and fully recyclable Sunstrong galvanized steel. 

“We wanted to make sure that it really stood the test of time,” Meador says. “It still allows us to maintain the sustainable ethos that’s really important to us.”

Justin Gardner, sales manager for New England Spas, says Sundance is known for its high-quality, durable products, but the new steel frame will be a “game changer.”

“We find that their spas last a long time in the field with wooden frames,” he says. “[Sundance is] very forward-facing and proactive. They’re willing to solve issues that people don’t even know are out there.”

The Sundance 880 series offers an optional entertainment package that includes a wireless phone charger.

Therapeutic jet system

The redesigned 880 series incorporates Sundance’s new Fluidix PT jet system, which offers a variety of jet massages with no moving internal parts. This reduces the risk of rust and wear on the jet system, Meador says.

The newest line of Fluidix PT jets provide percussive therapy, or rapid bursts of pressure, to relieve sore and tight muscles. The individual jets alternate the bursts of pressure left and right to reach the deep tissue in the lower back, Meador says. 

“When you sit in a Sundance [tub], you feel like you are at a spa,” Gardner says. “You have multiple areas within the hot tub to get different types of therapy, and that allows everybody an option.”

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Modernized exterior

Instead of the typical horizontal or vertical pattern, Sundance opted for a chevron design on the spa skirt to “break the mold,” Meador says. It comes in three wood tones, while the acrylic is available in six colors. 

“We’re looking at the next two to five years of backyard patio trends, and we made sure to create our own look to match that,” Meador says. “We want to make sure this spa helps your backyard look more beautiful.”

Gardner believes customers will appreciate the new design, as well as the upgraded touchscreen control panel.

Detailed features

During the nearly two-year redesign, Sundance tried to identify and meet every customer need. That included a new entertainment package option that has two 5-inch speakers and an 8-inch subwoofer, a drink caddy and a wireless phone charger. 

Gardner is looking forward to customer feedback on the 880 series.

Once you’re a Sundance spa owner, you’re a Sundance spa owner for life.”

Justin Gardner, New England Spas

“Once you’re a Sundance spa owner, you’re a Sundance spa owner for life,” he says. “[The spa] is long-lasting, and it provides you with a lot of relaxation options, health benefits and social benefits.”

Ultimately, Meador says, Sundance strives to create products that make meaningful moments.

“It’s perfect for an established family that wants a spa to build moments with the people they love for a full generation,” he says. “It’s a perfect vessel for a family or individual to create moments to enjoy.”