Good News: Marquis Nears 890th Wish Mark in Almost 20 Years of Partnership

With the help of Valley Pools & Spas in Minnesota, Louis received a hot tub in 2018. It was Marquis’ 800th time to fulfill a wish through the foundation.

Marquis started working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2000 when the local Oregon chapter reached out to the company to help fulfill a wish. “Once the Marquis management and staff came to understand what it all meant to be involved in a Wish, and how a hot tub Wish offered so much more than a fun event — actually adding a highly beneficial therapeutic product to the lives of the Wish kids and families — it was easy to prioritize Make-A-Wish as our primary charitable association around the country and establish a nationwide program with our dealers to help as many Wish kids as we could,” says Jim Johnston, director of marketing for Marquis.

Since that first Wish, Andrea’s Wish back in 2000, Marquis has helped (or is currently helping) fulfill 886 Wishes. Eighty-nine active Marquis dealers have participated — Colley’s Pools & Spas in Hamburg, New York, has completed 29 Wishes and is working on two more. Johnston says the partnership has been good for the company as a whole, and for the individual dealers and people involved in fulfilling the wish.

Evie received her hot tub on Christmas Eve 2018, with the help of Crystal Pools and Spas in Utah.

“Our staff supports it because they know their efforts at work on a MAW hot tub or swim spa will help a child and a family,” Johnston says. “Our management supports it because it helps our organization bond around a good cause. Our dealers support it because it connects them with the local chapter in their community and the family.” Johnston says the partnership puts Marquis in good company with organizations like Macy’s, Disney, United Airlines and more. “It is almost impossible to describe how moving and significant it can be to attend a Wish party when a Marquis hot tub or swim spa is presented to the Wish child.”

Johnston says he can’t single out one Wish because they all are special. “When you see all of the people who come together from the MAW national office, the local MAW chapter, the delivery team of our dealer, the neighbors, friends and family of the Wish kid, all coming together to make the day a special event the child will never forget,” Johnston says, “being a part of all of that and participating in a meaningful way for a child simply changes you.”

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