NC Brands Acquires Coral Seas

In yet another acquisition, NC Brands has purchased the assets of Coral Seas, a division of Coral Chemical Company. Coral Seas manufactures the Green to Clean and Yellow Out products for swimming pools and hot tubs.

“Our companies have been working together for years as NC Brands and Coral Seas products work as perfect partners,” says NC Brands CEO Mark Munford. “In fact, many of our dealers promote the products together. Like our Natural Chemistry and SeaKlear products, Green to Clean and Yellow Out are products you can rely on to do the job. Within a few hours these products will transform a green pool to sparkling blue and NC Brands’ products will keep it that way.”

NC Brands acquired Aqualus’s water-soluble pouch technology in April 2017, HaloSource’s SeaKlear product line in May 2016 and Red Leopard LLC in October 2015.