Artesian Spas: The Shape of Spas to Come

Artesian Spas designs L-shaped swim spa

On June 7, Artesian Spas released the TidalFit DTL Dual Temp, an L-shaped dual-temp swim spa with areas for swimming and hydrotherapy, separated by a barrier. The patent-pending Dual Temp L shape fits more naturally into a backyard and minimizes the run of space in one direction by extending the spa vessel into another direction.

“Most duel temps are 17 to 22 feet long, but with the L shape, you now have a smaller profile, and you can take that bonus space and put in patio furniture or a fire pit,” says Jordon Silon, vice president of North American sales for Artesian Spas in Las Vegas. “It gives you so much more freedom to design and customize your backyard. It also is easier for transport, as well as loading and offloading.”

Like most dual-temp swim spas, the user can have a higher temp in the hydrotherapy area and a lower temp in the swimming area — only Artesian wanted to do it differently, after hearing from some of its retail customers that people were looking for something new and exciting.

“Our company’s goals are to create trends, not follow them, so when our dealers were asking for more sizes, we wanted to create something outside the box,” Silon says. “Our management team was looking for ways to not only deliver a full-size spa offering ultimate customization in jets and features, but also a complete workout in a uniquely designed pool side that would complement the design of a complete backyard multiuse space.”

In crafting the TidalFit DTL Dual Temp, the challenges included entry points for the end user, interior access points and color matching, but through multiple redesigns during the R&D process, Artesian overcame all obstacles.

The DTL is offered in a semi-in-ground model, and utilizes Artesian’s quad-jet variable-speed swim jet system as a standard feature in the pool section. An upgraded variable-flow swift water trainer system is also available as an option.

Mark Beene, owner of Spa & Pool Outlet in Raleigh, North Carolina, says the store has aggressively marketed swim spas for several years, and during that time has offered several brands but is looking forward to adding the Artesian TidalFit DTL Dual Temp to its retail floor.

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“With Artesian, we now have the ability to better meet the specific demands of a customer,” Beene says. “For example, a family may wish to have a larger spa area to accommodate more people. Or, a couple or single person may want a spa, but don’t need or want a full-size spa. They may only be looking to fit two people. We already have a list of customers looking to put their hands and eyes on it.”

Beene says one of the more affective selling features of the spa is the ability to install semi-in-ground.

“Swim spas are huge, and many people find it more attractive when there is a 2-foot-tall spa in the yard or deck, as opposed to the full-size 4- to 5-foot spa you see with other manufacturers,” he says. “Additionally, we can now offer a lounge/no lounge choice to the customer. Most second-time buyers tend to steer away from lounge models.”

Randall Smith, owner of Spa Hearth & Home in Maple Shade, New Jersey, also is impressed by the uniqueness of the DTL, saying it fits better in the showroom and that delivery is easier.

“Within the first day we had it out, someone bought it because they had never seen something like it before,” Smith says. “Sometimes you run into a situation where people don’t have the room because they have a smaller yard, or there’s an ordinance in the town, and this allows you to go 14 feet instead of 21.”