Master Spas Challenger Pro 18

Master Spas H2X: Faster, Deeper, Wider

New H2X swim spa complements training regimens

For many companies, part of manufacturing the best swim spa possible includes input from top brass in the swimming world. Indiana-based Master Spas has partnered with athletes for some time, including Ironman champions. Taking to heart the feedback provided, Master Spas released the H2X Challenger 18 Pro in late 2020.

“Based upon that input [from athletes], this new model has a faster, deeper and wider current than our other H2X swim spas,” says Kevin Richards, vice president of sales and marketing at Master Spas. “This will really complement all their training, including running in the swim spa.”

Joseph Stone, owner of Swim Fitness in Rancho Cordova, California, says the Challenger 18 Pro has more performance and efficiency than any other model in the Challenger series. He believes this model will be a future award winner.

Stone sold his first Challenger 18 Pro to a triathlete who could outswim the model’s predecessor, the Challenger 18. “The technology and ingenious engineering combine to provide the perfect remedy for the serious swimmer,” he says of the Pro model. “The Challenger 18 Pro now has all the performance for an incredible price point for the serious athlete.”

The Challenger 18 Pro is 18 feet long and 94 inches wide. A height of 60 inches allows for a water depth around 51 inches — ideal for running in the water on the available Soft Tread flooring or other aquatic exercises, as well as for an uninhibited swim, Richards says: “You don’t need to worry about hitting your hands, arms or feet on anything.”

Stone is also excited about the variable-speed airless pump and swim jet technology housed in the Challenger 18 Pro. “It produces a perfect swim experience for any weekend warrior or serious triathlete anywhere in the world,” he says.

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Recognizing that athletes who purchase a Challenger 18 Pro will likely keep it at home, Master Spas knew end users would be balancing a heavy training schedule with quality family time. That’s why more relaxing features have been added to the new model, Richards says, like the StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat and inviting water features. 

This swim spa also includes the Xtreme Therapy Cove, a wall of jets users stand in front of that are designed to massage the lower back and legs. “It’s one of those ‘ah-ha’ things that you don’t realize how great it is until you actually experience it,” Richards says. The other three therapy seats have individually controlled, adjustable-flow jets.

Challenger 18 Pro requires two electrical services of 50a and 30a, a smaller voltage needed when compared to the 100a requirement for Master Spas’ Michael Phelps models. It also comes with the MasterPur automated sanitizing system, which Stone says greatly reduces the amount of chlorine needed, allowing for a “real water” swim experience.

Richards says the biggest selling point for the Challenger 18 Pro is that it challenges even the most accomplished athlete. He says the current on top speed is more than most can sustain for longer than a couple minutes, but that the variable speed makes it easy to find the sweet spot. “They can use it for long, hard swims,” he says, “or for cool-down swims after they finish a grueling bike ride or run on the road.”

For dealers that haven’t yet established a target market of athletes in their area, Richards recommends partnering with a local YMCA, swimming club or school aquatics program. He also mentions that dealers have previously done fundraisers in the showroom with local swim teams to raise money for their program while boosting awareness of the product. For Stone, displaying the model is an important sales tactic, too. “Get this unit on the floor to fully appreciate the performance, and let it sell itself to any serious athlete,” he says. “There really is nothing that can compare to the performance of the Challenger 18 Pro.”