Jacuzzi Mood hot tub

Jacuzzi: Play Comes Standard

Jacuzzi adds rotationally molded hot tubs to its line up

It’s been over a year since Jacuzzi added rotomolded hot tubs to its lineup with the Play Collection, introducing the Soul and Mood models at its dealer conference in January 2020. Rounding out the collection, the new Jacuzzi Play Echo was released earlier this year.

Jacuzzi Play Echo

“We are continuously looking for better ways to provide value to our customers while also making it easier than ever to own a hot tub,” says Cody Meador, product manager for Jacuzzi.

“We identified an opportunity to expand our target audience by offering key entry-level spas, and this led us to investigate the rotomold process,” Meader explains, noting that Jacuzzi sought to match the industry standards set by Dream Maker, a manufacturer in the rotomold marketplace.

“Through an acquisition [of Dream Maker in 2020], we saw the opportunity to learn from the best while also introducing key Jacuzzi advantages and knowhow in order to bring the Jacuzzi Play Collection to market,” Meador says.

At $4,699 to $5,399 MSRP, the Play series is the most affordable collection in the Jacuzzi line-up. Each are plug-and-play ready, and Meador says they’re the ideal size for a backyard or patio. “Our goal with this collection is to remove as many barriers to hot tub ownership as possible,” Meador says. “We see these as a perfect first-time hot tub owner option.”

Roy Farmer, president of Allstate Home Leisure in Livonia, Michigan, says the Play Collection fits well into the Jacuzzi lineup. “These versatile products not only allow you to get a luxury hot tub at an entry-level price point, but still have the ability to be a portable unit,” he says. “The collection truly helps round out their hot tub line.”

Jacuzzi rotomold hot tubs are made with the company’s proprietary Syncrylic material in four colors, which Meador says is lighter and more durable than the shell of acrylic hot tubs, while still offering a visually sparkling appearance. Each of the Play models can be upgraded to the Suite package, which includes an integrated cover lifter and color-matched Syncrylic steps with a built-in metal grab rail and step storage.

The design “screams luxury,” Farmer says. “They stand out from most of the marketplace. When you compare the Play series to [other options], you are blown away by every feature. The Jacuzzi styling helps any client finish their outdoor setting with a little extra pop and relaxation.”

The Play series is aesthetically pleasing, says Dave Johnson, owner and president of Take a Break Spas & Billiards in Springville, Utah. He likes the two-tone cabinetry, LED waterfall with LED accent corner lights and the smooth finish of the rotomold shell. He also appreciates the option to add a second pump and that the Soul and Echo can be converted to 240V power.

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Meador echoes that it’s been worthwhile to add the Play Collection to Jacuzzi’s line up. “Our dealers are now able to reach a wider audience as well as provide their customers with the same level of Jacuzzi craftsmanship and service at a more affordable price point,” he says.

Johnson says the addition of the Play Collection has been beneficial for business; he says he’s sold them “with ease” and that consumers’ reaction has been positive.

If you’re a Jacuzzi dealer, Farmer says the Play Collection is a must-have for the showroom floor. “And if you carry a different brand of rotomold,” he says, “make the change to the Play series and watch your sales triple in that category. Ours did.” For the time being, the Play Collection will remain at three models so dealers can get comfortable with them before additional models may be developed, Meador says. “We see great potential in the continued evolution of our Play Collection,” he adds, “and look forward to innovating within this [rotomold] space.”

Jacuzzi Play Echo

  • Size: 78″ x 78″, seats 7
  • Features: Bucket seats, exterior lights, waterfall and pillow come standard
  • Power: standard 120V plug-and-play, dedicated 240V available

Jacuzzi Play Soul

  • Size: 78″ x 78″, seats 6
  • Features: Lounge and bucket seats, exterior lights, waterfall and pillow come standard
  • Power: standard 120V plug-and-play, dedicated 240V available

Jacuzzi Play Mood

  • Size: 78″ x 78″, seats 5
  • Features: Bench and bucket seats, exterior lights, waterfall and pillow come standard
  • Power: standard 120V plug-and-play