CMP begins production on ultraviolet disinfection product

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and heightened consumer awareness driving a need for disinfection products, CMP has begun production on the DEL Clean Ultraviolet Disinfector, a handheld UV device that be passed over surfaces and objects to completely disinfect them.

“We have been working behind the scenes to make a weapon against harmful bacteria, microorganisms and viruses, including those similar to the coronavirus,” says Vic Walker, director of product design and marketing for CMP. “This type of technology literally breaks apart the DNA and RNA of contaminants, which prevents them from reproducing and making people sick.”

Walker points out that UV disinfection is a long-established verified method to disinfect without the use of harsh chemicals — a ‘clean’ technology. The DEL Clean is a modern looking device with medical overtones that speaks to both home and professional segments. The reliable technology designed around proven and trusted components will be portable, powerful and easy to use.

Mass production has begun with substantial orders placed by online retailers. A dedicated website is available at DELCleanDisinfector.com to provide educational/in-use videos and downloadable product information. Additionally, replacement parts and product support will be available through CMP. “Solving our customers’ problems is what we live for at CMP,” Walker says. “Fortunately, we are in a position and very capable of providing a product that can help save lives. This was accomplished with an incredible team effort from CMP staff to help those in the community who need a way to make personal and work environments safer for everyone. We are very happy to be a part of it all.”

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