Dream Maker Spas: How Suite It Is

Dream Maker Spas expands its Suite option to all models

After releasing the Suite option for the Cabana series last year, Florida manufacturer Dream Maker Spas added its Suite option earlier this year for all three of its series, which comprise 13 models. Dealers were excited about the competitive advantage, says Joe Sullivan, vice president of sales and marketing for Dream Maker.

“Continuity of the Suite option across all models was logical and easy to adopt as a next-generation brand builder,” Sullivan says. “We are constantly searching for opportunities, both large and small, to strengthen the Dream Maker Spas brand and how it connects the shopper with our retailer partners.”

Sullivan says the company spent countless hours researching the design, manufacturing process and testing for the original Cabana Suite. After clearing those hurdles, “All we had to do was lace the Suite package options throughout all three series of Dream Maker Spas marketing assets,” he says, and get the word out.

Sullivan says spa dealers jumped at the opportunity to sell the additional Suite models when they were released. “Many quickly adjusted their 2020 unit purchases and forecasts [when it was announced] to include Suite package options,” he says.

Suites include an extra-wide, integrated step with slip-resistant treads, a sturdy handrail and two side compartments that can be used as coolers for beverages or as planters. Bonus storage is available under the top step. A cover lifter is also part of the upgrade.

All Dream Maker spas, regardless of upgrade, are made with the manufacturer’s exclusive Syncrylic, a proprietary polyethylene rotomolded shell designed to be lighter and more durable than standard acrylic. “Syncrylic was created to offer the best of both worlds,” Sullivan says, “having the beautiful appearance of acrylic while maintaining the tough, impact-resistant qualities of polyethylene.” Four contemporary colors are available: White Diamond, Sahara Diamond, Mystic Diamond and Black Diamond.

Eric Neel, president of Clearwater Pool & Spa, Inc., in Manchester, Tennessee, says the storage steps with planters and handrail are a great value for the customer and the cover lifter is a must. “These items are typically purchased separately,” Neel says, “but with the Suite package, it is easy to build value in the mind of the customer.”

Neel’s personal favorite of Dream Maker’s offerings is the Stonehenge collection — a dark Syncrylic design with family-style comfort features. He believes Stonehenge has great sales potential with the Suite. “The Suite option increased sales of the Cabana Suite for us,” he says, “and I believe the Suite option on the Stonehenge collection will do the same.”

Suite models are on display both wet and dry at Valley Pool & Spa, which has seven stores in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area. “The Suite package elevates the value, so it’s important to have at least one spa on display,” says Eric Cassidy, vice president of sales and operation for the store.

Displaying is Sullivan’s top recommendation for leveraging the Suite option. Neel says Clearwater typically displays the Cabana Suite both wet and dry, too, and plans to put a Stonehenge Suite on the showroom floor. “The dry display allows customers to feel the comfort level of the spa,” Neel says. “The wet display allows the customer to see the performance of the spa.”

Sullivan also recommends using the Suite option to secure a ‘fence-rider.’ Cassidy concurs.

“[The Suite option] definitely allows you to convert more customers who are [deciding] between rotomold and acrylic,” Cassidy says. “A rotomold with the Suite package can present better in a customer’s backyard than some acrylics can, so it allows you to close deals easier with price-conscious customers.”

Sullivan also recommends selling the value of the whole Dream Maker Spas experience. “Start with the scoop of ice cream on your pie,” he says, focusing on all the extras that the Suite provides as if they’re all inclusive instead of an upgrade, refraining from using words like ‘optional’ when presenting to the customer. “Then, if for some reason the shopper decides the Suite is not a fit, call it an ‘option’ and remove it,” he says. Valley Pool & Spa has been working with Dream Maker for six years and Cassidy says he’s seen annual growth with the manufacturer. His scoop of ice cream: “Dream Maker has one of the best in-house support and customer service teams in the industry, and are always consistent in quality,” he says.

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