EasyCare Products: Easy Water Care Duo

EasyCare Products introduces first spa care line

EasyCare Spatec

Marvin J. Rezac Jr., CEO of EasyCare Products in Fresno, California, had a simple vision: to enable spa owners to keep water and surfaces clean without needing to become an expert chemist.

Though they’d accomplished this for the pool industry, EasyCare worked for several years on presentation and packaging — and EPA approval for Spatec — before the company’s spa products could see the light of day. But earlier this year, Spatec and Beautec finally arrived.

Spatec is a multitasking weekly spa water treatment designed to create pristine clean and clear spa water with little effort for the spa owner, Rezac says. It works with chlorine and bromine compounds to accomplish these goals with less sanitizer. It’s an EPA-approved algaecide that also functions as a bactericide and fungicide.

“Enzymes, borates, phosphate removers and clarifiers are helpful in keeping spa water treated, but they do not truly enhance the sanitation of the spa water as Spatec does,” Rezac says. “This is because of its synergistic interaction with chlorine and bromine.”

Malina Breaux, owner of Blackthorne Spas in Salinas, California, has seen good results with Spatec. Her company received samples from an EasyCare rep in March and tried it on service routes. “The techs loved the results, and we got our first order the beginning of April,” she says. For troubled spas, customers have called the next day to say the spa is cleared after just one treatment of Spatec: “The quick results are a huge benefit,” she says.

Beautec is a surface, tile, plumbing and equipment buildup preventative and cleaner used monthly. The blend of multitask polymers keeps spa filter media cleaner and reduces calcium buildup that restricts water flow, Rezac explains.

There are competitor products for spas, Rezac says, but they are only preventative for calcium scale and metal stains. “Beautec differs from other scale and stain products in that it is a multiscale (for calcium and hard silicates), multistain (for metal control) and oil and scum cleaner and remover,” Rezac says. “Beautec eliminates the necessity of the addition of scale and stain preventatives, tile cleaners, pipe purging cleaners and enzymes for oil and scum. It only needs monthly additions and is not broken down by chlorine and bromine as many other spa products are. We have a customer in Australia that buys the product in bulk to use as a biofilm preventative with its new sanitation system that uses hydrogen peroxide. Beautec is stable with all sanitizers.”

While Beautec doesn’t have as obvious one-day visual results, Breaux has been happy with it as well. “We have really hard water in this area — biofilm is a big problem for us,” she says. “We have been looking for a scale preventative that doesn’t contain phosphates, as we’ve been finding more and more that phosphates affect the clarity of the spa water. The Beautec for Spas has seemed to minimize that issue; having this product to offer our customers is great.”

Dealers should make customers aware when they buy Beautec that spas that have not been maintained properly for awhile may have a lot of biofilm that comes off when Beautec is used, Breaux adds. If they’re not prepared, customers may have a negative initial reaction, she says, so educating them on how the product works is important.

Initially, Spatec and Beautec were going to be presented as a complete kit, Rezac says, but EasyCare decided the best presentation was to give the products diversity. “There are many kits already developed and on the market,” he says. “The final decision was made to introduce each product as a stand-alone brand that can be effectively integrated with any spa kit.”

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