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Endless Pools: A Party Tub for the Family 

Endless Pools adds new product to line up

Playful. Family-friendly. Party pool.

That’s what product developers at Endless Pools hope customers think when they see the RecSport Recreation Systems R220 swim spa — a 12-foot spa built for families. 

After reviewing surveys, listening to customer feedback and collaborating with dealers, the Endless Pools team knew they had to create a model that could be billed as a “party tub.” 

Designed around hosting family gatherings, the R220 seats nine and includes two long side benches and five molded seats along with 31 hydromassage jets and three round swim jets. Its baseline MSRP is $24,999, and like Endless Pools’ other products, accessories can also be added, including a Bluetooth-enabled sound system, exterior LED lighting, a four-tier step and more. 

“The R220 is a very unique product in our lineup,” says Frank Firman, vice president of specialty retail for Endless Pools. “It’s designed around the idea of being a party tub. You get in and have a good time with friends and family, but you’re not necessarily focused on exercise.” 

Endless Pools

With the increased demand during the pandemic, Watkins WellnessEndless Pools’ parent brand — developers also wanted to explore how to keep customers engaged and excited about swim spas once normal life returned. 

That’s where the R220 came in, but the idea brewed for a bit before it could come to fruition. 

“At Watkins and Endless Pools, we are always focusing on innovation,” says Aimee Soto, senior marketing manager at Endless Pools. “The pandemic changed how we had to focus on innovation. We were working with a lot of supply chain issues. At the same time, we have a road map. We looked at ‘How are we going to innovate for the future; what’s the next big thing?’ ”

While Endless Pools typically releases new products in January, the team opted to release R220 in July 2023. 

“We really filled a gap that we had in our product mix and met the demand of what customers are looking for,” Soto says. “We now have a product for every customer along the spectrum.”

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And dealers are excited about this new offering. 

“Our dealers are pleased because they’ve been getting demands from customers for a really long time,” Soto says. “We’ve been hearing this desire; we wanted to make sure we were doing it right.”

As dealers start swapping out older models on their showroom floors for the R220, Soto and Firman expect more feedback from customers as they explore the new system. 

“Our initial sales have absolutely exceeded our expectations,” Firman says.

While there was a wait to create, perfect and release the R220, the buildup has made the launch that much sweeter, Firman believes. Above all, he wants dealers and customers to know that Endless Pools isn’t done being creative in the spa industry. 

Our goal is to provide the best product in aquatic fitness. We’re going to push the boundaries and innovate in this space.”

Frank Firman, Endless Pools

“We’re going to continue being the leader in innovation for swim-in-place technology,” Firman says. “Our goal is to provide the best product in aquatic fitness. We’re going to push the boundaries and innovate in this space.”

At the end of the day, the Endless Pools team wants to see dealers excited about hydrotherapy and the products that can enhance their customers’ lives.

“As a company, as a brand, we’re passionate about our Endless Pools product,” Soto says. “The more that our dealers are passionate about it and getting in the water themselves and talking about their own experiences, they can instill that passion into their customers. And, to me, that’s where we have the most growth opportunity.”