Master Spas: Sweat it Out

The Michael Phelps GOAT brand ventures into saunas

Things are heating up in the Master Spas and Michael Phelps partnership. Earlier this year, Master Spas announced the launch of an infrared sauna line — the Michael Phelps Sweaty GOAT Saunas

“From the onset [of our partnership with Phelps in 2012], we recognized that we are better together,” says Kevin Richards, vice president of sales and marketing at Master Spas. “With his input, we were able to develop the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas, offering athletes of all levels [the ability] to train at home and become better swimmers.”

Saunas have grown in popularity as people use them to unwind, relieve pain, ease joint discomfort and improve mood, Richards says; they also offer many of the same benefits as hydrotherapy. 

“Infrared saunas seemed like a natural expansion to our product lineup,” he says. 

Users can alternate from using a sauna to jumping into cold water — perhaps in one of the Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs — using a concept called contrast therapy to boost circulation, reduce inflammation, promote healing and relieve pain.

Sweaty GOAT saunas

With three sauna models — the MP3, MP2 and MP3C — full-spectrum infrared therapy heats users with carbon and graphene heating elements while they enjoy music through the wireless sound system. 

The MP2 Sauna fits two people, the MP3 is suited for three people and the MP3C is a corner model also designed for three. 

To combat any lingering odors that come with sweating, there’s a one-touch air purification system that leaves the sauna smelling clean and refreshing. The control panel also makes it simple to adjust the time and temperature of a sauna session. 

Additionally, the three models offer chromotherapy lighting, which can promote relaxation, reduce stress and improve mood.

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“Sweaty GOAT Sauna users can select the purple lighting option to reduce stress,” Richards says. “Blue can boost alertness. Green can help you feel more calm, while cyan can help with inflamed skin.”

The saunas are intended for indoor installation and fit well in a home gym, family room, bathroom or bedroom and are easy to assemble. They can be adjusted to anywhere between 80 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, 26 to 71 degrees Celsius, and are 72 inches tall. They do, however, require a dedicated 110V/20-amp outlet, Richards says.

Dylan Lucia, sales manager at Suntek Pools & Spas in Farmingdale, New York, says he’s tested the temperature of the Sweaty GOAT sauna, and it even exceeds the high end of the temperature range. 

“They really make sure the temperature holds, and that’s one of the biggest differences compared to cheaper saunas out there,” he says. “It’s a testament that [Master Spas] does things right.” 

Customers have been excited to explore the saunas because of Master Spas’ service and reputation, often becoming repeat clients, Lucia says.

Our dealers have seen their clientele seeking out products like saunas and. cold tubs because of how they can promote health, fitness and mental well-being.”

Kevin Richards, Master Spas

Overall, it’s a great time to be in the health and wellness sector, Richards says. “Our dealers have seen their clientele seeking out products like saunas and cold tubs because of how they can promote health, fitness and mental well-being,” he says.  

Matt Davis, co-owner of Aqua Spas in Fort Collins, Colorado, jumped at the opportunity to order the saunas for his customers. Aqua Spas has carried Master Spas products for almost 25 years, which gave it confidence in the saunas’ quality, service and longevity.

“Being backed by a major manufacturer like Master Spas, you’re never going to have to worry about warranty,” Davis says.