Breaking the Mold

nordic hot tubs

Nordic Hot Tubs has been enhancing the industry with affordable luxury for over 25 years. Nordic’s secret sauce? Their unique HDPE shell. The benefits of HDPE shells are often overlooked and misunderstood in the pool and spa industry. Despite common misconception, HDPE shells are more like acrylic shells than one may think and offer a competitive advantage alongside acrylic on a sales floor.

HDPE is a strong thermoplastic with high resistance to chemicals and weathering. It is known for its toughness and is often used for kayaks and airplane wings. It is equally lightweight and durable leading to greater longevity and durability over the lifetime of the hot tub. While the material may differ from acrylic, the two shell types are formed in a very similar way. Through the use of heat, a vacuum former, and liquid-cooled aluminum molds, HDPE shells are formed. From there, they are inserted into an ABS base and framed with pressure-treated wood. This process follows the same footprint as an acrylic-based hot tub, with the added benefit of greater durability.

There is virtually no maintenance associated with HDPE shells and unlike acrylic shells, they do not blister or crack. This shell type is perfect for the customer who wants a low-maintenance, worry-free option – a busy family, a property group with various vacation rentals, or consumers looking for a hot tub for a second home.

Beyond HDPE’s enhanced durability, it also offers beauty and value. An HDPE shell is an elevated and affordable option providing the best of both worlds. Nordic’s Natural Series shells are smooth and marbled, resembling the look of acrylic for less. They visually blend the sheen of an acrylic surface with colors drawn from natural elements such as snow drifts, mesmerizing waters, and the silver glistening of solar eclipses. 

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Consumers will find these colors refreshing and beautiful while also finding great value in them. President, Pete Westfall, noted, “this line of shells has helped enhance the product from what was previously seen as a more entry-level hot tub to a more competitive, elevated product.” For many retailers, this shell type has created a unique opportunity to appeal to a wider variety of consumers. Retailers who offer HDPE-based hot tubs as a secondary line have found it can be the difference in increasing sales and appealing to a wider audience. 

If you don’t already have this innovative shell-type on your floor, click here to learn more.

Nordic Hot Tubs continues to enhance the industry by providing high quality, therapeutic, and affordable hot tubs. At the heart of their mission is their STAR philosophy meaning every hot tub should be Simple to Use, Therapeutic, Affordable, and Reliable. All Nordic Hot Tubs are 100% made in the USA and can be found in homes across the world. When one purchases a Nordic Hot Tub, they are purchasing Nordic’s passion for true whirlpool therapy, their commitment to the highest quality, as well as their drive to exceed expectations in value and performance. Nordic Hot Tubs are true affordable luxury.