Power Women: JamieLee Wright

The Customer Service Director

The Customer Service Director
JaimeLee Wright
Dream Maker Spas
Lake Mary, Florida

Sixteen years ago, JaimeLee Wright was a receptionist for Sunrise Spas in Canada. She’d completed a master’s in education, but needed a holdover job between graduating and her first teaching position.

“I really fell in love with the business and how it works, top to bottom,” says Wright, who has never returned to teaching. Dream Maker hired her 10 years ago as a customer service representative, and from the beginning she says,“I’ve always had my nose in the other departments and have been invited to collaborate.”

When Jacuzzi bought Dream Maker in 2020, Wright’s job as customer service director became more focused on mentorship, management and leadership, and since then the company has grown from 50 employees to 200. On any given day, Wright may have marketing and/or customer calls, operations meetings or customer service meetings — all of which she says serve to foster relationships that are “the beating heart of every company.” 

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Wright says the hot tub industry has been really welcoming to her, adding, “I haven’t met a door that hasn’t opened.”

Wright has two children, 8 and 4, who have grown up in the industry witnessing both of their parents’ hard work. (Wright’s husband, Ryan Wright, is Dream Maker’s director of manufacturing.) On weekends, the kids can often be found creating YouTube videos about why it’s important to buy a hot tub. As a family, they enjoy returning on trips to their native Canada.

While Wright says that she knows she works in a male-dominated industry, it doesn’t quite feel that way to her: She has frequent interactions with every Dream Maker department and has female colleagues everywhere from technical and warranty to troubleshooting. 

“In today’s space, females are taking the lead on everything,” she adds, “and impacting quality and production everywhere. Every position is an opportunity, and I see many females coming into the industry and succeeding.”