Life Essentials: Providing a Lifeline

POOLCORP’s line of spa accessories sets form-and-function standard with new cover lifters

POOLCORP recently added three cover lifters to its Life Essentials line, further diversifying the range of accessories beyond maintenance products. Life Essentials also focuses on eye-catching retail packaging and design, bringing form and function together in one cohesive line of products.

According to Angela Moss, senior product manager for POOLCORP and the product manager for Life Essentials products, this complete line has seen tremendous success for retailers, and has received a lot of attention during the past two seasons with the increased demand for hot tubs and other backyard living products. 

Design and product development for the Life Essentials cover lifters began in 2019, and the products were launched in 2020. “All three cover lifters offer quality and functionality as well as a more stylish design than many on the market,” Moss says. “It encapsulates the mechanics for a clean look many homeowners desire.”

While the cover lifters have several features in common like design and accessories, they differ in mounting, installation and add-on options. Each lifter can be locked, and the DLX Base Mount allows for under hot tub or deck mount installations, Moss says. The Co-Lift DLX Side Mount also offers a pneumatic add-on option, which has proven to be an easy upsell and comes in a small box to save on display space on the retail floor.

All three cover lifters have aluminum and plastic encapsulated pivot mechanism construction, as well as powder-coated aluminum tubing with easy-to-install, noncorrosive composite mounting brackets. The Co-Lift DLX Side Mount has the option of using a pneumatic assist add on kit, which consists of easy-to-install pistons that add a hydraulic feature, making the cover easier to lift. The Co-Lift DLX Base Mount fits most square or rectangle hot tubs. It can slide under the hot tub as an undermount, so there is no need to drill holes. The Co-Lift LX Side Mount is popular, Moss says; it has foam protectors on the handles and can hold up to 250 pounds. The DLX Side and Base Mounts both come with an additional hook that can hold four towels.

Established in 2003, Life Essentials receives feedback and ideas from customers and Life-brand teammates around the world. POOLCORP plans to continue to focus on innovations, improvements and fresh designs with new products consistently in the works. The line was primarily focused on maintenance items until two years ago when the cover lifters, as well as steps and a handrail, were added.

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The brand’s top-selling items have been the Spa Dispenser, Spa Tray Table, Extenda Skimmer, Water Wand Pro and the Floating Spa and Hot Tub Bar. The Life Spa Handrail fits hot tubs up to 40 inches tall and is made of powder-coated aluminum, just like parts of the cover lifters. The handrail also has an undermount base structure like the Co-Lift Base Mount, and it has an adjustable height with 360-degree handle rotation. It also has a soft LED light that can be adjusted to whatever position is desired.

The line also has three products that tackle different aspects of hot tub cleaning and user needs.

​The Easy Vac has a siphoning action that runs without electricity, batteries or a water connection. This product also comes with its own point-of-purchase display stand, which fits eight units.

​The Rechargeable Underwater Vacuum is a cordless, battery-operated portable vacuum ideal for cleaning debris from a swim spa or hot tub. The Spa-Vac is an underwater vacuum that attaches to a garden hose and allows quick cleaning of an empty hot tub.

Life Essentials’ consistent branding allows for easy mixing and matching of products to display. This also makes it easier and time-saving for dealers to create appealing presentations, no matter what products the dealer decides to feature.