InSPAration: Instant Re-Leaf

inSPAration’s CBD-infused water-soluble products seize on a trend

CBD-infused bath-and-body products are touted for their ability to coax users into relaxation.

When Aqua Quip, based in the Puget Sound area of Washington, recognized an increased interest in CBD products from its customers, they added a CBD bath bomb to their offerings in 2019. But it quickly…bombed.

“It was clouding up our customers’ water,” says Tiah Kimbrough, manager of the company’s store in Puyallup, Washington.

Kimbrough started looking for other options, noting that despite the bath bombs’ mess, customers reported they’d never slept better or felt so relaxed. “In Washington, CBD is really big and people use it for medical reasons,” she says. “People just want to feel good. They want to be relaxed.”

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Discovering inSPAration’s inSPAreleaf products was a game changer, Kimbrough says, providing the opportunity for Aqua Quip to give customers what they wanted — and stand behind the quality.

The inSPAreleaf product line officially rolled out in November 2021, but was in test stores like Aqua Quip for two-and-a-half years prior. Folding in organic, hemp-derived, American-grown and water-soluble CBD extract, the product line — made by a fourth-generation, family-owned business in Southern California — comes in liquid, Epsom salt crystals and bath bombs.

Micah Knott, inSPAration’s national sales director, says customers were inquiring about a CBD product from the company. It took five years of testing before the line was ready. “The biggest problem was that in the spa environment, you can’t have oil [which is how CBD is typically available],” Knott says. So the company developed a process to extract oil from the cannabis plant and convert it into a water-soluble molecular structure. “We don’t clog filters,” Knott adds. “It just dissipates into a beautiful aroma.” Four scent options are available: Black Vanilla, California Dreaming, Lavender Haze and Hemp & Acai.

The next step was determining how many milligrams of effective CBD inSPAration could pack into one dose to provide optimal therapeutic benefit. The finalized 200 milligrams in each product is higher than inSPAration’s competitors, Knott says, adding that “it is the best sleep I’ve gotten in years.” Kimbrough also reports a more restful sleep since using the products. “What makes it popular is the extra therapy benefit,” she says. “That’s generally how I like to approach the product [with customers]. I just say, ‘Have you ever tried CBD rubs or creams? Well, picture this, you put it in your hot tub for a full-body CBD soak.’ ”