SpaZazz CBD Hydrotherapy

Spazazz: CBD Hydrotherapy

Spazazz introduces line of aromatherapy crystals infused with CBD

A line of aromatherapy crystals infused with CBD oil has appeared in hot tub showrooms over the past year, and demand for the product is soaring.

Spazazz, the Utah-based aromatherapy company, introduced its collection of four fragrances of crystals with CBD a year ago after seeing success with focus groups and testing. Angie Pettro, president of Spazazz, decided to offer the product after her mother, who suffers from several health ailments, found that topical CBD helped alleviate her pain.

“We felt like the industry was missing this product that has so many amazing benefits,” Pettro says. “We just took our base — which is vitamins, minerals, essential oils, Epsom salt, magnesium, sulfate and Dead Sea salt — and we added the perfect amount of CBD. This product is just flying off the shelf.”

The Spazazz Lab crystals are infused with CBD (cannabidiol) derived from hemp, a plant that has been grown for centuries and is used to make rope, clothing and food. According to Harvard Medical School, CBD is commonly used for alleviating anxiety and insomnia. Some studies have indicated it can help lower pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and other chronic pain ailments. The crystals are free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound that produces the high sensation associated with using cannabis.

Benefits of CBD Products

Customers are attracted to the CBD-infused crystals because it adds to the relaxation of soaking in a hot tub, spa dealers say.

“It really just elevates the whole experience for them,” says Monique Hedlund, assistant manager at Advanced Spa & Pool in Hudson, New Hampshire. “Being in the hot tub, it helps them decompress.”

Hot tub users say there is a noticeable difference when using the CBD-infused crystals compared to other aromatherapy products, Hedlund adds. “We have some customers coming back for it, and they don’t really buy the other scents without the CBD,” she says.

At Olympic Hot Tub in Seattle, owner Don Riling says he has been constantly reordering the Spazazz crystals for his six stores. One customer has told him it helps alleviate a chronic pain condition and buys six to eight bottles of the product at a time.

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“He uses his hot tub for pain relief and finds when he uses the CBD Spazazz products, it helps him even more,” Riling says.

Sales of the CBD-infused crystals have increased since they were introduced last year at Southern Pools and Spas in Bristol, Virginia, says general manager Josh Arnold. “Most of my customers buy it for the actual wellness benefits such as relieving stress,” he adds. “They want it to do something for them.”

Beyond the health benefits, the Spazazz CBD-infused crystals are also an ideal product for hot tubs because they do not affect the water chemistry or cause foaming.

“There are a lot of aromatherapy products out there for hot tubs,” Riling says. “But a lot of them are oil-based, and cause so much foam and issues with the filters. [The Spazazz CBD product] is so much more natural and it doesn’t cause any foaming issues.”

Marketing the CBD Products

Spa dealers introduced the products through social media and email to generate interest among customers. Olympic Hot Tub offered a free bottle of the Spazazz crystals in February to customers who made a minimum purchase on its website, Riling says.

At Advanced Spa & Pool, the CBD-infused crystals have been spotlighted in specials called “employee picks,” which have increased product sales, Hedlund says.

Southern Pools and Spas promoted the CBD-infused crystals both on its Facebook page and in a display next to the checkout counter in its store. The location of the display makes it “kind of hard to miss when you’re in here,” Arnold says.

“I would say any serious hot tub dealer probably has this on their shelf,” Arnold adds. “It’s just a good product that’s up there with the top tier of hot tub products.”