That Wacky, Zany Hot Tub Life

Megan Kendrick - that wacky, zany hot tub life

If you’ve ever shaken your head and uttered, “That’s the hot tub industry for you,” then the headline of this message needs no explanation. There have been a few projects we’ve been working on recently where that phrase has come up. 

First is the absolutely insane backstory of how Stiver’s Backyard & Leisure opened. When I talked to Donny and Melissa Stiver, I think my jaw was agape and my eyes were wide in disbelief for most of the conversation. Despite the series of unfortunate events that unfolded around them, they have persevered and are still out there changing lives one tub at a time. 

Over the summer I’ve also been working on a series for The SpaRetailer Podcast on the history of the hot tub industry. Need I say more? What a treat it’s been to hear the tales of how our industry got off the ground. We’ll be sprinkling in those episodes throughout our next season, which kicks off on Sept. 6. 

Finally, after being put somewhat on hold during the pandemic, it is so exciting to see retailers opening new locations all across the country. It’s like seeing the next generation of growth being born. And manufacturers are opening the floodgates of new products, some of which are truly innovative. I can’t wait to get to talk about them in SpaRetailer. 

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Megan Kendrick, publisher

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