Episode #50, The PHTA’s Strategic Action Plan, with Sabeena Hickman

When Sabeena Hickman joined the newly formed PHTA in the fall of 2019, she thought she knew what her biggest challenge would be — continuing to merge two legacy associations. What neither she, or anyone, anticipated was the world being turned upside down by a global pandemic. Sabeena talks to us about how coronavirus changed the PHTA and industry’s year and how that impacted its new strategic action plan.

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Episode #66, Support the Hot Tub Industry with Steve and Tracine The SpaRetailer Podcast

The International Hot Tub Association has been working to protect the hot tub industry since 2008. Now part of the PHTA, the chair and vice-chair of the organization’s leadership team joins the podcast to talk about its membership drive. Steve Stigers, vice president of marketing at Watkins Wellness, and Tracine Marroquin, vice president of marketing at Jacuzzi Group may be competitors, but the two work together to ensure the hot tub industry doesn’t get roped into undo legislation. To do […]
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