Fitness is the Key

Part Two: A swim spa meets one of the basic biological needs in life

With the evidence laid out in front of the customer, the choice is obvious. The benefits of the swim spa — therapy and ease of ownership combined with a significant reduction in cost — has proved it is a smarter purchase than the in-ground pool. That being said, you must not forget this: A purchase of this magnitude has an increased fallout ratio. Buyer’s remorse sets in before the deal is inked. It is a visceral response to spending large amounts of money on a luxury item. The prudent buyer will do some due diligence and research. Factor in the newness of the product. Now you must overcome the objection, “Will I use this?” which is code for, “Do I really need this?” The sale will not take place until you answer this question. It is up to the sales professional to create a need and fuel it with urgency to get the sale.

Remember part one when we asked the customer why they wanted a swim spa? The answers to that question all have a common thread. Virtually every time, the first answer offered to our question was centered on health. Responses ranged from a variety of synonyms: exercise, rehab an injury, overall physical health and medicinal value were the most common. This single inquiry has shown us the way to selling lots of swims spas. Concentrate on this single hot-button with the customer: therapy!

Justification is a subconscious reaction to validate our conscious decision to do something. There is a theory that a need is a justified want. Abraham Maslow was a highly respected psychologist whose theories on motivation are widely renowned. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs suggests that beyond food, shelter, water, sex and sleep, all other items in our material world are simply rationalized. Our basic biological needs must first be met before we are mentally able to contemplate fulfilling emotional needs. This is the fundamental key to selling swim spas. The No. 1 reason consumers justify their swim spa purchase is therapy. As Maslow’s theory indicates, if you are deficient of a basic need, you will resolve this before everything else. No one is going to put a price tag on his or her health. You are assisting their primal need by introducing your client to a pain-free life. The underlying message is, “Buy a swim spa, live pain-free and feel good again.” That is the most powerful benefit/value statement I can think of. Who needs a better reason than that? A need, which possesses priority, should be converted into a sale provided the ability to purchase is present. Steering your customer by using keywords and phrases such as “well-being,” “therapeutic value,” and “wellness and overall health” will reinforce the subliminal importance of their purchase.

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We already asked the open-ended question “Why a swim spa?” which showed the swim spa to be the better choice over a pool. Solidify the swim spa purchase by justifying to the customer their emotional desire to own one. Start by having the customer describe their physical issues and how the swim spa fits into their wellness plan. Ask them to be specific in their descriptions. What kind of exercise? Inquire about prior activities in fitness. Is there a timetable for recovery? What are the short- and long-term goals? Interject pointed questions, encouraging them to keep talking. The more they go in-depth, the better chance in closing the sale.

Planting the seed in the qualifying part of the process has made it possible to lead the customer to this point. Now, by utilizing this unique twist on the feature/benefit/value technique, you will increase the swim spa’s value immensely. To rationalize any purchase, the benefits (which add value) need to exceed the cost of goods. The customer’s discussion of personal uses and applications for the new swim spa accomplished this de facto. Powerful stuff. The transfer of ownership is building in your favor. The customer is now focused on the uses and benefits, not whether to buy. This creates momentum involving the transfer of ownership combined with further justification for the purchase.

As sales professionals, understanding how psychology can be applied to conjure desire is yet another tool available to us. Continuing to learn is a must, and trying new techniques enhances our skills.