Cars and Hot Tubs for Kids

Marquis focuses on programs with a direct impact on local youth

If you watch NASCAR, you might notice that Marquis, an Oregon-based hot tub manufacturer, sponsors driver Ryan Truex, with the company’s logo dominating his race vehicle. In early 2019, the company purchased a large quantity of official die-cast cars modeled after Truex’s No. 8 Chevrolet Camero.

Throughout the year, Marquis evaluates a variety of charities that serve local youth. Last year, the company realized the die-cast cars would be perfect for Toys for Tots. “Basically, we just connected the dots,” says Noble Hibbs, corporate communications manager for Marquis. “Rather than having brand new toys sitting in storage for another year or two, it made more sense for local kids to be able to enjoy them, especially with so many stuck at home due to the pandemic.”

The team at Marquis reached out to the local Toys for Tots chapter and donated over 1,500 individually packaged die-cast cars in November 2020 to be distributed to kids in Polk County, Oregon. An estimated 1,800 children were in need, so Hibbs was thankful the company’s donation benefitted almost all of the children served. Truex helped to generate buzz for Toys for Tots through social media as well.

“Much like a homemade gift — which expresses a bit of the giver’s personality — this particular donation had a personal touch,” Hibbs says. “After 40 years in Oregon, Marquis is a well-known employer and, chances are, every Oregonian knows somebody who owns a Marquis hot tub. The Marquis No. 8 cars made it easier for people to understand the local connection.”

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In addition to the toy car donations last November, Marquis donated its 900th hot tub through its Make-A-Wish partnership in April. Since the partnership began in 2000, Marquis has provided more than $6.5 million in donations and discounts through Make-A-Wish affiliations.

Viera, an 8-year-old with a brain tumor, wished for a hot tub and, in conjunction with delivery and installation provided by Arizona Spas & Patio in Mesa, Marquis granted her wish for its 900th tub. “Viera is beyond excited her wish to have a hot tub has come true,” says her mother, Brooke. “She has been telling everyone about her wish and can’t wait to relax with family and friends.”

Marquis donated its 900th hot tub through Make-A-Wish to Viera, an 8-year-old with a brain tumor.

In celebration of the 900th wish, Truex raced a special “900 Wishes” paint scheme at Richmond Raceway on April 17. The Marquis No. 40 Chevrolet had the names of all 900 wish kids on the truck bed.

Hibbs says fostering a culture of generosity and community engagement is a team effort at Marquis. “Good ethics is good business,” he says. “That is true within a single company and holds true across our entire industry. All of us are interconnected — from the economy to supply chains to consumer demand — and a rising tide lifts all boats. The more each manufacturer and retailer looks for opportunities to give back, the better it will be for everyone. We just have to make it a priority, be open to new opportunities and be proactive about following through.”