Poolcorp: One-Stop Solution for Hot Tub Needs

POOLCORP offers dealers a more direct channel

For swimming pool dealers, builders and retailers, POOLCORP has long been a preferred resource. As the leading wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies, equipment and related outdoor products, the company has more than 420 locations and 200,000 products. Among these is an extensive hot tub segment, “which has experienced massive growth over the past few years,” senior product manager Angela Moss says. 

The growth is due to both the continuing demand but also POOLCORP’s expanded line of private-label branded tubs beyond Garden Leisure — its 23-year-old program — and its roster of accessories and affiliated products. This opens a new channel for time-constrained hot tub retailers who want to simplify purchasing with a one-stop-shop and take advantage of the inherent benefits of dealing with a distributor.

For example, Moss says, POOLCORP’s hot tub offerings range from four models of swim spas and dozens of exclusive acrylic hot tub models to HDPE shell hot tubs. 

“Our Garden Leisure and Shoreline programs are the most robust, with rich upgrade options of additional lighting, circulation pump, in.touch and stereo [choices] and upgraded cover and cabinet options,” Moss says. These programs are strategically placed to support different regions and have mid-range price points to attract the majority of customers, she adds.

As for accessories, the company offers Life, its own branded line of hot tub essentials and chemicals. For retailers, instead of shopping numerous suppliers, this has provided a broad range of products including the floating 1-inch tab feeder, Life spa booster seat, Extenda spa-skim net, hot tub scoop and water-wand cartridge filter cleaner. The newest offering is a full line of Life Chemicals that include start-up and maintenance kits as well as individual sanitizers, balancers and cleaners. 

The glossy packaging and cohesive design are important for displaying in retail stores, Moss says. For stores with limited showroom space, the Life products display, along with other POOLCORP merchandising tools, reinforces consumer confidence in their hot tub purchase and its upkeep.

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These merchandising tools are an important side benefit of working with a distributor. “We have a full POP program, which is supported by our Splash Cash program,” Moss says. “So, as you buy products from us, you accumulate some co-op money on the back side to be able to use for promotional things like digital marketing and banners and signs.”

Speaking of finances, POOLCORP offers extended terms on showroom hot tubs, such as 90 days for good-credit customers with approval. “That’s a tremendous value-add, especially for smaller and mid-size dealers to help their cash flow, especially in the current economy,” Moss says.

POOLCORP has certainly proven that we offer a tremendous value to our customers for the hot tub category.

Angela Moss, POOLCORP

For retailers who sell both POOLCORP hot tubs and various Life accessories, “It’s easier to have everything [from one distributor],” says Nancy Nelson, owner of Nelson’s HomeTowne Recreation in Janesville, Wisconsin. In this case, the dealership/distributor relationship is key. “I have a comfortable partnership with them,” she adds.

That partnership and other advantages such as convenience, an extensive variety of products, faster delivery due to location and strong marketing, according to Moss show, “POOLCORP has certainly proven that we offer a tremendous value to our customers for the hot tub category.”