Power Women: Rachael Pritz

Vice president, RB Retail & Service Solutions

Rachael Pritz worked in a pool and spa retail store in high school and college. While there, the store’s owner, Corinne Kraft, partnered with a programmer, Rick Brunori, to develop business software for the company. By the time Pritz finished grad school in 2002, Kraft and Brunori were launching a software company called RBCK Enterprises and asked Pritz to join them. Today, that company is known as RB Retail & Service Solutions.

“My experience doing software installations, support and trainings gave me a solid understanding of our market and customer needs,” Pritz says. In 2006, she transitioned into sales and marketing for the company, followed by management of tech and sales teams in 2009, then executive director in 2011. As of 2019, Pritz is vice president of the company.

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18 years in the industry

Pritz has contributed to helping RB Retail & Service Solutions grow from three employees to over 20 technical support team members, sales representatives and programmers. In 2012, the company was listed as one of the fastest-growing companies in Pittsburgh by the Pittsburgh Business Times. Pritz also played an important role in running business conferences for pool and spa professionals with the goal of keeping the industry at the forefront of business trends. “We have partnered with many vendors in the industry to improve processes for the dealers using the software, which I believe has elevated our industry and enabled our specialty retailers to successfully compete against big-box stores,” she says.

Pritz acknowledges that the service and construction spaces tend to be male dominated, but she sees women doing much of the business management and behind-the-scenes work. “Many of the innovative solutions provided by our software systems have come from conversations with women who run the service scheduling, inventory control, purchasing and accounting for many pool and spa business operations,” she says. “With increased mentorship opportunities, I am sure more women will be working to elevate our industry as a whole to stand out among other specialty retailers, service and construction industries.”