The Spazazz Experience

New releases and strong dealer support keep Spazazz at the head of the aromatherapy class

Twenty-five years ago, Angie Pettro wanted to make her hot tub smell nice — but a lack of options and an abundance of chemicals stood in her way. Today, Spazazz has become a go-to brand for spa aromatherapy. Pettro, president of the Lindon, Utah–based company, recalls those early days and the industry’s reaction to her ideas that combined sweet smells with a convention-defying approach to chemistry. “They thought I was a little medicine lady,” she says with a laugh.

Modern consumers know aromatherapy is just the beginning when it comes to getting a truly therapeutic experience from their hot tubs. Using its long-standing prowess developing pleasing scents, Spazazz now adds vitamins and other elements to its blends, and released the Rx Therapy line to meet customers’ evolving needs. “We try to keep up with health trends,” Pettro says. From products designed to ease stress and soothe sore joints — not to mention Skinny Soak, created to reduce the body’s water retention — Spazazz is leading the wellness tide. “Each year we come up with something new,” Pettro says.

Hot tubs also provide consumers with a nice escape. Spazazz’s Destination line, introduced a couple of years ago, offers an inexpensive way to enjoy a tropical experience without leaving home. “Whether you’ve been to Hawaii or for those who haven’t been able to go there, we’ve put that in a bottle,” Pettro says of the Aloha Paradise blend. The Wild Fiesta, Romance and Celebrate blends in the Set the Mood line follow the same arc, giving spa users a mind-and-body experience that extends beyond their hot tub.

Danielle Soto, retail manager and sales at Eagle Pool and Spa, with locations in Eagleville and Pottstown, Pennsylvania, says today’s customers rarely want scent alone. “People are looking for that vitamin aspect,” Soto says. “They want something that’s beneficial to their health, versus something that just smells nice.” With the increased focus on wellness, Soto’s team heavily promotes the body-positive aspects of Spazazz. “People are drawn to the Stress Therapy,” she says of one top-selling blend. Customers have even asked if they can mix and match blends depending on their health concerns.

Soto keeps the Spazazz products at the checkout counter, making it easy to introduce new customers to the line. “People want to know what they are,” she explains. “Once we tell them what they do and that they’re beneficial, they almost always buy them.” She encourages retailers to use their Spazazz displays to create a visual pop. “The labels are pretty, their products are all different colors and they really catch people’s attention up front.” For dealers not yet familiar with the brand, Soto suggests starting with a sample bottle. “Bring it in to try it and see what the feedback is. That’s what we did and it really worked out for us.”

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Customers at The Waterworks Hot Tubs and Spas, with stores in Anchorage and Eagle River, Alaska, also have a strong interest in Spazazz’s wellness benefits. “They’re looking for their aches and pains to be relieved,” says owner Kali Tucker. Spa users want something that’s easy to use and effective. “It’s not just aromatherapy, but also wellness beyond the water,” Tucker explains.

Tucker displays the brand’s products on a multitier table, and sample jars are open on the checkout counter where customers are encouraged to give them a try. Most return to buy more. The Alaskan clientele enjoys the deeply fragrant Escape line, particularly the Awaken blend that combines verbena, lime and coconut, and offers a heady tropical scent that is one of Tucker’s favorites.

Spazazz makes it easy for dealers to keep customers excited about the products. “They’re always creating something new,” Tucker says. “At least every couple of months, it’s ‘Try this new scent,’ or, ‘Check this out.’ ” The Waterworks includes a sample jar with every hot tub purchase, a practice that continues to drive business. “It’s especially important with a brick-and-mortar store,” Tucker explains. “Online, you can’t scratch and sniff.”

Though Spazazz has grown to include products aimed at bathtub and shower users, Pettro says the brand started in the spa industry, which remains a favorite area of focus. “We take pride in our relationships with our retailers,” she says. “We help give them knowledge through our educational information, so when a consumer walks in, they’ll want to Spazazz.” Flyers are available to hand out to customers and the brand sends regular informational messages to keep retailers up to date on the latest offerings. Pettro attends trade shows, where her booth includes ideas dealers can use to launch their own in-store displays. “I love when they can take my design and use it in their retail store,” Petro says, “because it gives the personality behind the products.”