Coast Spas: Into the Current

Coast Spas navigates new demographics with innovation

In the late 1980s, Coast Spas started as a retailer in the hot tub industry. However, in 1997, the company pivoted into manufacturing, a decision that laid the foundation for its trajectory of innovation and growth. 

“We wanted to build our own products to sell,” says Sean Corscadden, vice president of sales and marketing at Coast Spas. “Then we started to bring on dealers and grow, and now we’re a global company, selling products all over the world.”

Corscadden says Coast Spas, based in Langley, British Columbia, sees itself as an “innovation company.”

“We don’t look at ourselves as a typical hot tub manufacturer, and that [innovative spirit] is in our DNA,” he says.

This identity resonates with its dealers, too. Jay Breckman, general manager of LCL Spas in Winnipeg, Manitoba, says Coast is committed to improving, innovating and embracing change. 

“Coast Spas offers unique, quality products for us to compete in our market,” he says. “They have a long list of industry firsts and continue to add new products to their offerings.”

Now, after the chaos of the pandemic, Coast Spas is getting back to its roots by introducing new and upgraded products, launching 35 new products in the last two years alone.

Coast Spas developed the affordable Patio Collection with millennial buyers in mind.

Pioneering accessibility with the Patio Collection

One group Coast Spas is focusing on is millennials, a demographic increasingly drawn to hot tub ownership but often without disposable income for luxury items. 

“When I got into the industry, a lot of buyers were in that 55-plus range,” says Corscadden, who’s been in the hot tub industry since 2000. “We’ve seen a shift where younger people grew up with a hot tub and it’s almost like an appliance to them, and they want one for their new family.”

To address this demand, Coast Spas looked at consumer trends in the rotomold market and determined how to make acrylic tubs for a similar price, launching six new models in its Patio Collection. These lower-priced models — around $7,000 — offer seating arrangements for three to six people and are designed for quick and easy installation.

“They can plug it into a 15-amp outlet, fill it with hot water and start enjoying the hot tub right away — connecting with loved ones, playing with their young families and getting quality time with them,” Corscadden says.

Despite the accessible pricing, Coast Spas maintains its commitment to quality, ensuring each product undergoes the same rigorous production standards.

The DuoScape two-person hot tub is ideal for urban living spaces.

Introducing urban living solutions with the DuoScape

One of Coast Spas’ most anticipated releases is the DuoScape, a two-person hot tub ideal for urban living spaces like townhouses, condos and apartments — which often present unique challenges for hot tub installation. 

“The DuoScape is something we are excited about,” Breckman says. “It is designed to be put almost anywhere and will open up the possibility of a spa to customers who did not think they could have one, due to lack of space or other restrictions.”

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Available in three models catering to different price points — Patio, Classic and Opulence — the DuoScape adheres to size and weight regulations imposed by condo associations. Moreover, Coast Spas designed the DuoScape to fit through doorways and elevators for hassle-free delivery to urban dwellings. The layout also allows two full-grown adults to enjoy without any water displacement — so owners aren’t dumping water onto their downstairs neighbor’s balcony.

“We’re going after those markets where we see growth and products that can suit and tailor to those buyers,” Corscadden says. 

The 2Purfikt Collection caters to a range of preferences and budgets.

Expanding options with the 2Purfikt Collection

Building on the success of its original Purfikt Collection, the company introduced the 2Purfikt Collection last year, designed to blend contemporary aesthetics with traditional comfort to complement modern outdoor spaces. 

This three-person model garnered positive reviews for its sleek design and energy efficiency. Responding to dealer feedback, Coast Spas expanded the availability of the 2Purfikt Collection across different price ranges, catering to diverse consumer preferences and budgets. 

On the lower end of the price scale, the 2Purfikt is available in the Patio and Classic series, “for that buyer who loves the modern look, but they don’t need all the bells and whistles,” Corscadden says. 

On the upper end is the 2Purfikt in the Opulence series, which comes with the maximum number of jets and pumps, exterior LED lighting, dual 24-inch fusion waterfalls and the Coast Spas Care Saltwater System. 

Diversifying wellness offerings with Coast Freshe Cold Plunge

Like many manufacturers, Coast Spas is venturing into cold tubs. The company introduced the Coast Freshe Cold Plunge, a cold tub with an integrated chiller capable of cooling the water to 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The Coast Freshe can be installed indoors or outdoors and is designed for full-body submersion.

One of Breckman’s favorite features is the hidden lighting around the perimeter lip of the unit; he calls the tub an “elegant product with a unique design.” 

Corscadden says the Coast Freshe Cold Plunge appeals not only to athletes and fitness enthusiasts but also to people seeking holistic wellness solutions. Corscadden has added a cold plunge to his daily routine and reports improvements in inflammation, circulation and mental clarity.

We’re selling experience, we’re selling wellness and lifestyle, and it’s exciting when you have these new products to bring to market and know that you’re helping people’s lives.”

Sean Corscadden, Coast Spas

“I cold plunge in the morning between three and five minutes, and I’m in my hot tub at night for 15-20 minutes to melt the stress away from the day,” he says. “Both products are fun — [in this industry] we’re selling experience, we’re selling wellness and lifestyle, and it’s exciting when you have these new products to bring to market and know that you’re helping people’s lives.”

Embracing innovation

For Corscadden and the Coast Spas team, innovation lies at the heart of their mission. Continuously pushing the envelope and reimagining the possibilities of hot tub technology, Coast Spas aims to enhance the customer experience. 

“We move very quickly — we talk about moving in minutes and hours rather than decades or years,” he says. “We ask, ‘What can we do with this product and how can it benefit our customers?’ ”