Pandemic Report

Retailers and manufacturers share how the pandemic has impacted them

“While hot tub sales are up currently, the supply chain is beginning to have issues. Massive lead times will likely have a slightly negative or neutral effect on next year’s sales.”

Matt Hopkins, Job-Rite Pools & Spas, Akron, Ohio

People lost their summer vacations but not their money. Stuck at home, they did the next best thing: bought a hot tub or swim spa. Thus, hot tub orders are higher than they’ve ever been, by far. This is the complete opposite of what we were expecting at the onset of COVID-19. And while every business wants to set sales records, we simply want to quietly do our jobs and build these hot tubs, as tens of millions of people are out of work.

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Dan Boelhauf, Aspen Spas, St. Louis

New buyers are entering the market. More hot tub users is a good thing. Also, [this creates] future trade-in, trade-up opportunities.

Scott Clark, The Spa and Sauna Co., Reno, Nevada

There is new demand for hot tubs and swim spas. Now it is up to the suppliers.

Dan Friedman, The Hot Tub Store, Sebastopol, California