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Wellness Reigns Supreme

I’m feeling especially inspired by this issue for many reasons. First off, people always told me Vince Wuebker from HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2 was the “wellness guy.” But talking to him for “The SpaRetailer Podcast” and this issue completely reenergized me about hot tubs. Vince and I would probably agree that if you aren’t selling a hot tub solely on the good that it can do for a person’s mind, body and soul, you’re doing it wrong. Do not forget that our products can be life-changing.

Continuing the wellness theme, I also loved talking to Audrey Markiton about the cold tub trend. It’s not for everyone, but I’m so intrigued by this concept. Cold plunges are starting to trickle down from the upper echelon of athletes to us normal people — I’m hearing family and friends talk about trying to integrate it into their wellness routines. 

Learning from hot tub retailers outside the U.S. and Canada about what selling spas looks like for them also made this issue interesting. It was fascinating to see how emerging hot tub markets are dealing with issues like education and customer acceptance, while more mature markets are tackling separate problems. How amazing to watch hot tubs spread across the globe. 

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Finally, I enjoyed reading the “Strength in Diversity” story. It’s, again, inspiring to see how much thought and care some are putting into making sure their workforce is as diverse as we want our customer base to be. You love to see it. 

Megan Kendrick, publisher