MAAX spas

MAAX Spas: Innovating and Improving

MAAX Spas offers 16-foot swim spa with exciting new features

Emerging from the uncertainty of the pandemic, MAAX Spas is now reaping the benefits of the strategic choice it made in 2021 to build a swim spa-only factory in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Though there were concerns about getting factory processes running and finding employees, the factory has thrived since its opening, especially as swim spas grow in popularity, says Steve O’Shea, vice president of sales and marketing at MAAX Spas.

“More and more dealers who never displayed swim spas or ever sold the swim spa are now getting into the business,” he says. “And we can keep pace with the growth in the industry,” in part because of the Iowa facility.

Jerry Keller, a product manager at MAAX Spas, credits the continued popularity of swim spas to the product’s usefulness, versatility and ability to provide low-impact exercise. 

“It’s a good alternative to a swimming pool that you use all year round,” he says. “And most of us need low-impact exercise, like swimming or aqua-jogging.”

O’Shea acknowledges the production pace has slowed as the pandemic’s effects wane, but he believes there’s still opportunity for growth. In fact, the company has introduced a new 16-foot swim spa model with features based on customer feedback.

These features include more space for taller swimmers, a higher-end therapy area and steps at both ends of the spa. The dual steps are a particular point of pride for the company; it marks the first time this design has been used in a MAAX spa and is sure to appeal to customers who want to integrate their swim spa seamlessly into their outdoor living area, O’Shea explains. 

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“It’s an evolution,” Keller says. “We started with our smaller swim spas and took what we learned and incorporated those into a bigger, deeper vessel.”

One of the most significant upgrades is the swim trainer, a treadmill-like software control that allows swimmers to choose different programs with varying levels of difficulty.

“When you’re swimming in the water, you’re not looking at the controls,” Keller says. “So how do you know that all of a sudden the jets are going to go full blast and speed up your pace?”

To solve that problem, the MAAX Spas team used a series of lights that flash when a speed change is coming and change colors according to the current speed.

Even with all the improvements and innovative features on the new model, this swim spa is still for all swimmers.

“We’re making spas for the heart of the market,” Keller says. “The biggest part of the market is [swimmers who] need a good, strong swim device that’s accessible within their budget.”